Importance of Post-operative Exercises

It has been proven that exercising after having surgery leads to more effecient and effective results.

Exercising is encouraged as early as possible after surgery to aid with the recovery and be able to maximize ther results of the surgery.

“Better Inside and Out”

Having any type of Body Contouring surgery like Liposuction and Tummy tuck is a major life-changer.  It has shown a significant positive impact on the patient’s psychological and emotional life. Patients become more positive and optimistic.  A lot of patients share their frustration, stress and anxiety with their life and future. This burdened feeling, most often than not, fuels their determination to make some changes – decide to have surgery and bear the pain. The more that you wait to make that physical change that you have been dreading, the more that you allow yourself to suffer and be socially less active.

There is high quality evidence that perioperative exercise in patients scheduled for body contouring surgery is well tolerated and effective. Moreover, there is circumstantial evidence suggesting the same for Liposuctions, abdominal Tummy Tuck and mommy over surgery. We conclude that this participatory, preventive, predictive and preferably personalized perioperative exercise training intervention might be a valuable asset to concepts like ‘strong for surgery’ . Implementation should be guided by proper monitoring of the effects in the real-life context of the care system.

Anytime, Ask to Evita’s Staff

Some patients worry that recovery time will take too long and be frustrating. But they may not know that new techniques and equipment combine gentle exercise with rapid recovery.

Our staff can tell you that progress doesn’t have to be painful or painfully slow.

Allowing patients to full body workout their activity makes physical therapy much more productive.

“They can start to get some early movements,” Dr. Jeon explains.

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