12 minutes leg workout (no equipment)

While it’s mostly easy to do upper body workout from home, it’s difficult to have ‘em leg days with the heavy set gym equipment.

Working out your legs regularly has more benefits than you know. Not only does it improves body weight balance and core strength, but it also increases leg strength, tones muscles and enhances mobility and flexibility.

After Body contouring operation

After surgery, many patients complain of swelling of the lower extremities. Although this varies individually, it is especially common in people with poor circulation in the veins or lymph of the lower extremities.
Basically, exercise in the lower extremities increases this circulation and results in rapid recovery.

This type of exercise after surgery should increase its time and intensity step by step. You can’t do this right after an abdominal or breast surgery, but usually you can start lightly after stich out.

Ask Evita staff about the intensity of exercise after surgery.

Evita clinic has seen many patients progress for a long time. Our professional medical staff knows that recovery periods vary depending on the individual’s condition and surgical procedures. We will advise you about these exercises after surgery.