Reviews written by patients are a such a great motivation to our clinic.

And I also think that explaining the patient’s experience directly will be a great help to choose a good clinic for future patients.

Please visit our clinic anytime before your process. Choosing a right clinic for your own surgery on the Internet can sometimes be a lot of hesitation.

But there is a Korean proverb that one time watching is better than listening a hundred times.

If you look directly and share your own stories with us, your thoughts will change a lot. Do not hesitate to visit our clinic at any time to consult our doctor and international patient coordinator.

We are always welcome if we can answer your questions.

And in our clinic, many people visit us from abroad. I know that there is an unavoidable flight schedule change.

And I know that sometimes the schedule can change due to accommodation problems.

Please feel free to contact our international patient coordinator if you want to change your schedule. As far as possible, we will do our best so that we can adjust to your schedule.

And it is very helpful to let us know your detailed schedule. Because we do post operative care according to the regulations.

But if your schedule is flexible, we will provide you with the best management for your personal condition. Do not hesitate to consult with our clinic for any small things.

Our Evita clinic is open to you, considering your personal circumstances and also very pleased to welcome you.

Also, do not hesitate to come back and check your status at any time, even if you have left your procedure.

Our clinic is always responsible and also it will be very welcome. Thank you again.