01. What is obesity?
Obesity is refers to the state of a lot of accumulation of fat in the body than normal.
Prevention and treatment must be due to a number of complications associated than itself, and thereby increase the risk of mortality due to obesity.

02. The most commonly used method to evaluate obesity.
▷ BMI (Body mass index, BMI kg / m²)
BMI = body weight (kg) /

[height (m)] m²


▷ waist measurement
Waist circumference for men 90 cm, to the risk of many illnesses and complications that increase abdominal fat and not less than 80cm in women.

03. importance of weight control
In the country and the prevalence of obesity is rapidly increasing westernization of diet in the development of economic and industry recently,

and its related diseases are also increasing.

Hypertension, stroke, diabetes (type 2), of the sleep apnea, osteoarthritis and some are known to be associated with malignant disease, obesity, cardiovascular disease in adulthood.

Recently in our country as being of interest in terms of cosmetic treatment of obesity, increase side, as well as the health
This popular commercial weight loss program, but
Offers a variety of chronic diseases such as hypertension and obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, arthritis, and
This risk may be increased during the rapid weight loss health care requires specialized medical evaluation of subjects with weight loss management course.

Such as diet, exercise, behavior therapy and pharmacotherapy in the treatment of obesity are.
However, it should be done by a professional according to the characteristics of the individual and accurately assess the condition of the individual, the choice of treatment.

▷ Correct eating habits weight management

1 Eat slowly.

2. While the other one doing, does not eat.

3. Determined as the place where eating food.

4. food as much as you need to have the habit of eating ease.

5. When you decide you want to eat, more waiting for 5 minutes.

6. Eat according to the meal plan 6.

7 . Do not eat late at night.

8. Do not drive the meal at one time.
04. Obesity Clinic
It is time to be more emphasis on the quality of life for the new millennium rapidly changing social environment.
Is uncontrolled and modern life and lack of exercise, excessive stress, there is increased prevalence of geriatric
Must be adjusted to improve disease prevention and lifestyle, such as smoking, drinking, obesity, diet, exercise.

The purpose of the health check is if there is such geriatric diseases through early detection Lourdes overhaul and improve its risk factors and treatment
Health and recovery, and further promote the health.
However, only a one-time health check is to induce a change has been difficult to form a habit for life.
It requires motivation and commitment through sustainable management is more aggressive.