Double Eyelid Surgery

Evita’s double eyelid surgery is…

Creating a crease on your eye, especially to be seen when you open your eye. If you have additional line(crease) on your upper eyelid, visually it causes optical illusion, your eyes look bigger.

When you considering about double eyelid surgery, you should choose the surgery method up to your individual condition, and before your surgery you need enough consultation with plastic surgery specialist. Before you decide your surgery schedule, you have to observe your eye’s condition carefully. We don’t suggest to follow another person’s certain eye shape, because all of eye shape/conditions are various. Especially, you need to check below:

  • Does my eye’s each size is different?

  • How about the difference when I close and open my eyes?

  • About the crease (double eyelid line), Would the wide line be better? What about narrow line?

As every person’s face ratio is different, you need to consider objectively what is the best method for your eyes. Specialized and enough consultation with plastic surgery specialist is vitally needed.

Buried Double Eyelid Surgery

01. What is buried double eyelid surgery?

Normally it called ‘pick up’ method. No need for incision, it just needs very tiny halls. The thread will through the tiny halls on your eyelid, so the double eyelid will be created. It leaves no mark, and you will look natural immediately. No need for stitch out, because the stitches will be buried. It leaves no scars, not much swellings, but fast recovery. Thanks to advantages, many people prefer this method.

02. We suggest buried double eyelid surgery in these cases.

  • If your eyelid is thin

  • If you don’t have much fat on your eyelid

  • For whom in the age of late 10’s~20’s, if you don’t have skin sagging

  • If you need fast recovery

03. Advantages of Evita’s buried double eyelid surgery

After the surgery, you can go back to your daily routine immediately.

If you are office worker, in your lunchtime you can have a surgery, and in the afternoon you can go back to your office.

However, if your skin is thick or fatty, there is a high probability that the double eyelids will disappear after the surgery. Or you might not satisfy with the result as you wanted.

In this case, even you are in young age, you need incision method.

If you are over in the age of 30’s, normally there is a sagging on eyelid, the incision method is needed.

But, nevertheless, if your eyelid skin is thin, and if there are not severe sagging, buried method is enough.

Selection Incision Double Eyelid Surgery

01. What is section incision double eyelid surgery?

It is middle type of method, which means incision and buried method combined.

It takes only advantage of both methods, these days many people prefer.

Only 2~3 mm of small incision needed. Like buried method, the double eyelid can be made perfectly, at the same time the fat on the eyelid also can be removed.

Only with small incision needed, you don’t have to worry about the scar. And it less getting loose compare with buried method. But it’s not suggested for whose skin is think, or if you need another part of eye to be corrected.

02. We suggest section incision double eyelid surgery in these cases

  • If your skin is little bit think

  • If you have much fat on your eyelid, but in case there are less swelling tissue

  • Someone who have much worry about scar

  • Someone who has some skin sagging

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03. Advantages of Evita’s section incision double eyelid surgery

The swelling will last 3~4 days, it leaves almost no scar. Possibly the skin can be removed partially, and removing fat is available. So that you don’t have to worry about disappearing eyelid. Anesthesia is not painful. It is combined with buried method and incision method. It can prevent outside of skin sagging, which too much fat causes. But if your skin is very thick, or if you have severe skin sagging, we suggest incision method.

Incision Double Eyelid Surgery

01.What is incision double eyelid surgery?

It is well-known and famous method. It makes incision in proposed line.

The surgery time takes around 1 hour, with local anesthesia. After 3~5 days from the surgery, your stitch will be out.

It can adjust the sagging of eyelid, muscle, fat and subcutaneous tissue altogether, normally the swelling will disappear within 1 week.

02. We suggest incision double eyelid surgery in these cases

  • If your skin is think

  • If you have much fat swelling tissue on your eyelid

  • If you want to long-lasting double eyelid.

  • If you want to make certain shape/line of double eyelid.

03. Advantages of Evita’s incision double eyelid surgery

When you get up in the morning, if your eye usually swelling, it means you have many swelling tissue on your eyelid. In this case, incision method is needed, so that you can remove your swelling tissue. If you don’t remove swelling tissue, even though after many years from the surgery, your eye might not seem natural. (like ‘sausage eye’ which means thick, swelling and artificial-looking double eyelid)

About the surgery method, firstly the design is needed on the double eyelid line which you want, and following the proposed line, there will be an incision. Depending on how much sagging you have, proper amount of skin, muscle and fat will be removed. Finally, adhesion will be made between eyelid skin and the muscle which you use when open your eye. So that your double-eyelid will be made perfectly. Swelling lasts longer, and to have a natural-looking, it takes time compared with other methods, but if your overall eye shape is way too thick, it can be slimmer overall, and you can choose the size and shape of double eyelid what you exactly want.

Specificity of Dr. Kim’s double eyelid surgery

  • Natural shape, not awkward

Evita clinic offers 1:1, individual consultation, so that we suggest the best solution for your own eye shape. The surgery will be most effective and the result is natural.

  • Any type of eye shape can be corrected

Evita clinic considers all points- thick skin, fat, muscle, eyelash and anatomical positon, the surgery method is very elaborate. Any type of eyelid can be corrected.

  • Go back to your daily routine after the surgery

Evita clinic’s technique leaves less scar and swelling. So that you can go back to your daily routine very soon, patients are highly satisfied with it.

8 types of problem-eyes, find out what is your type.

01. If your eyelid skin is thin

If you don’t have much fat on your upper eyelid, your eyes are suitable for double eyelid surgery.

Both buried method and incision method is available.

Considering with epicanthus and the point of outer corner of your eye, you can have more polishing eyes.

02. If your eyelid skin is thick

If you have much fat on your upper eyelid, in this case if you choose buried method, your double eyelid might disappear due to the fats. So, it would be better to choose incision method, rather than buried method

03. If you have epicanthus

In case if you have epicanthus, normally your middle of the forehead tends to wide. So in this situation, double eyelid surgery should go on with removing epicanthus, and reducing the gap on your middle of the forehead.

If you already have double eyelid, you might satisfy with only removing epicanthus.

04. If your eyes protruded

In this case, if you make the double eyelid in wider shape, it might not be natural.

Because the fat on the upper eyelid makes your double eyelid artificially too deep.

So in this situation, double eyelid shape should be thin, rather than too think. And at the same time the fat on the upper eyelid removed, the effect will be better.

05. If you don’t have much fat on your eyelid

By aging process, normally the fat of your upper eyelid will be gone, and it causes your eyes look sunken.

In this case, if inner skin fat grafting goes together onto your eyes, it will be more effective.

06. If your overall eye shape is round

If your eye shape tends to round, epicanthoplasty and latercanthoplasty should be done altogether, so that overall length of eye will be increased.

And then the double eyelid surgery should be done.

07. If your eye point of outer corner is upward

Normally if eye point of outer corner is upward, it seems pretty but if it is severe, your impression might look violent temper.

In this case, the shape of eye should be bigger following front to middle area, and from middle to end point of your eye, the eye shape should be same. Considering this way, your double eyelid surgery will be more perfect.

08. If your eye point of outer corner is downward

In this case, normally you look sleepy and impression of gentle.

The double eyelid shape should be as following outward of eye, at the same time the line should be bigger.


Please have a reservation in advance in order to receive counseling and treatment.

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