Epicanthoplasty and Lateral Canthoplasty

Evita’s Epicanthoplasty and Lateral Canthoplasty is

You can choose these solutions if your eye’s width is short. Or, if your medial canthus is covered by skin, it will make you looks stuffy. In this case also you can try epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty. You will look more bright and clear.

Up to your eye shape, if you do both epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty, your appearance can be more soft and clear.

  • Point 1. Clear/bright eye shape

  • Point 2. Expand the eye length

  • Point 3. Correction the eye shape

  • Point 4. Soft impression

  • Point 5. Prevent conglutination

  • Point 6. Leaves almost no scar



01. What is Epicanthoplasty?

To make bigger eye, the length of eye is important, but at the same time width or eye is also important. To expand the width of eye, the epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty will be done.

Epicanthoplasty, normally called ‘epicanthus removal’, will make your middle of the forehead closer, and your eye will be more clear. If you have severe epicanthus, and if you do only double eyelid surgery, your eyes will be look very round. It seems not natural, and frontal area of double eyelid is not clear, this is a reason of stuffy looking. To prevent it, do epicanthoplasty with double eyelid surgery. It will make your eyes naturally bigger.

02. We suggest epicanthoplasty in these cases.

  • If your eyes look stuffy

  • If your middle of the forehead is too wide

  • If your overall eye shape is too sharp

  • In case of double eyelid surgery is already done, but when it was not effective

03. Advantages of Evita’s epicanthoplasty

There will be an incision on epicanthus. So the eye will expand both length and width, looks more clear.

If your overall eye shape is sharp, the angle of frontal eye need to be corrected. So that your impression will be more soft.

The incision line will be very delicate, leaves almost no scar.

Lateral Canthoplasty


01. What is lateral epicanthoplasty?

This method will make your outer corner of eye wider, so that your overall eye length will be expanded. There will be an incision on lateral canthus, and enroot the outer corner of your eye onto the periosteum. So you can have wide eye, especially about the length.

If your length of eyes short, and because of that your impression is stuffy, you can consider about this method. If so, you can have wide, clear eyes. If you are not a case for epicanthoplasty, you can do lateral epicanthoplasty instead, for bigger eyes. Total surgery time takes around 40 minutes. After around 10 days from the surgery, you will be in natural shape.


02. We suggest do lateral epicanthoplasty in these cases.

  • If your outer corner of eye is short

  • If your outer corner of eye is upward

  • If your width of eye is short

  • In case of epicanthoplasty cannot be done

03. Advantages of Evita’s lateral epicanthoplasty

– The width of eyes will be expanded. At the same time, the angle of outer corner of eye will be corrected. It means you can improve your overall eye shape.

– After lateral epicanthoplasty, the mucous coat will be removed. So it will prevent conglutination of incision area.

– The incision line will be near conjunctiva, which is inside of your eye. No worries about scar.

Specificity of Dr. Kim’s

epicanthoplasty/ lateral epicanthoplasty

  • It corrects your overall impression.

Making your length of eye wider is not enough. The angle on outer corner of eye should be corrected together. Also, ratio on middle of the forehead should be considered. In Evita clinic, we correct these points delicately, so that your overall impression will be soft and gentle.

  • Find the best balance of your face

In Evita clinic, we consider all point such as length of eye, eyebrow, the length between eye and eye, the shape of outer corner of eye. So that we will find the best balance of your face.

  • The surgery method which leaves almost no scar

Existing epicanthoplasty/ lateral epicanthoplasty left the scar at the outer part of your eyes. But in Evita clinic, we have plenty of experience with delicate technique. It leaves almost no scar.


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