Eyelid Revision


Is it true that if I don’t satisfy with the shape of eyelid, can I correct it with revision surgery?

There are many reasons of eyelid revision surgery.

  • If your double eyelid is not asymmetry

  • If you have severe scar which your first double eyelid surgery caused

  • You already had the double eyelid surgery, but if your double eyelid disappeared

  • If you have a several double eyelid line, 2 or 3.

  • If your double eyelid line is too high

  • In case if you still have your swelling tissue

  • Because of the aging process, if your skin sags much

In these cases, you might consider about revision.

Revision surgery requires expert technique compare with your first surgery. Because new eyelid line should be adjust based on existing eyelid line. Plus, the conglutination tissue should be loose as original, also scars should be removed.

The proper time for revision surgery should be after 6months~1year from your first surgery, as it takes time to your double eyelid completed perfectly. It means that even if you don’t satisfy with your first surgery, we would suggest you to wait around 6months~1year, and then decide to do your revision surgery or not.

Too thick / too thin eyelid, or asymmetry eyelid

01. Too thick / too thin eyelid, or asymmetry eyelid

If the incision line located too high, or, if the suture located higher than incision line, your double eyelid line will be too thick.

On the other hand, in case of thin eyelid, if your original eyelid skin is thick, but if the double eyelid line made same as people whose eyelid skin in thin, as time goes by your double eyelid line will be decreased.

About asymmetry eyelid, maybe there was some mistake during first surgery, or your original eyelid skin thickness is different in left/right eye, but if it discounted as same, the result might be asymmetry.

Too thick or too thin eyelid, both

Asymmetry eyelid

02. In Evita clinic, if your double eyelid line is too thick or thin, we correct like this:

-In case of the incision line positioned too high: cut out the skin below the incision line, and your double eyelid will be thin than before.

-In case of the double eyelid positioned upward of incision line: open the skin following the incision line, and the wrongly positioned crease and muscle should be separated, and then new crease (double eyelid) will be made.

-If you need to thicken your double eyelid: cut out the skin upward of the double eyelid line, or at higher position of your existing eyelid, suture the muscle and skin together, and it will be corrected.

-If you have asymmetry double eyelid: It is more natural to make thin double eyelid to be thicken.

If your double eyelid is too short or long.

01.If your double eyelid is too short or long.

After 3~6 months from your double eyelid surgery, normally swelling disappears and the shape become natural. But after over 1 year from surgery, if your eyes seem still swelling, the surgery was actually failed. If your original eyelid is thick, sometimes you might have this problem. That’s because the fats and muscles located at downward of double eyelid line was not removed perfectly. Usually it causes swelling and sulky apperance. It might be variable depend on your own condition, but normally the length of double eyelid looks natural when it is little bit longer than end(tip) of your eye.

In case of short double eyelid line, normally that’s because the final suture position was wrong.

If your double eyelid is too short

If your double eyelid is too long.

02. If your double eyelid is too short or long, you can correct with below method.

– If your eyes look swelling, you have to remove the fat and muscle enough on the area where it seems swelling. So that your double eyelid will be natural and thin.

– If your double eyelid is too short, the final suture should be placed little bit shorter than your eye. So that there will be a natural sagging due to the weight of your skin, and the double eyelid will make little bit longer than your eye size, naturally.

– If your double eyelid is too short, there will be an additional suture with skin and muscle. In this case there will be no incision, just the connection of skin and muscle is need, which is simple rather than another method. But at the end of your double eyelid, if there are too much fat and muscle, and if your skin also tends to thick, we will remove the muscle and fat, and then the skin and muscle will be connected.

– If your double eyelid is too long, there will be an incision on your eyelid and the muscle and skin will be disconnected, on the point which the double eyelid made too long. It means this method is more simple way compare with making the double eyelid shorten, the result is also better.

After double eyelid surgery, if you cannot open your eyes enough or cannot close your eyes enough, because of the side effect

01. If you cannot open your eyes enough or cannot close your eyes enough

Most of these cases, main reason is swelling after the surgery. With incision, as much as your fat and muscle to be removed, the tension/tightening feeling is higher. But these muscles are not related with function of opening/closing the eye, you don’t have to worry. Secondly, when suture the double eyelid line, if it sutured too high, or if it sutured on wrong muscle which called fat septum, that is covering the fat of eye, if you are in this case, you need revision surgery.

Third case is when you cut the eyelid skin too much.

Cannot open enough

Cannot close enough

02. Advantages of Evita’s eye opening/closing problem correction method

-If the swelling is problem, when the swelling is gone, naturally you will find the convenient, you don’t need any revision. You can wait to time flies.

-If the suture was wrong, which was placed on fat septum by mistake, you will have incision on eyelid, make loosen the double eyelid line, and there will be a suture on the proposed line.

-If your eyelid skin cut too much by mistake, you can wait until you have skin sagging naturally and you will have natural look.

The scar after double eyelid surgery.

01. There are three main reason of scar after the double eyelid surgery.

First one is physical condition of each patient. Some people are Keloid, which means when your new skin grows, the surface is being rugged. In this case, not related with doctor’s skill or method, there will be a scar.

Secondly, if the doctor’s skill was not enough, so that the suture was not in detail, otherwise if you stitch out too late than suggested time, you might have a scar. And, if the suture of the muscle which makes your eye open, or if your incision on the skin was not attached exactly, you might suffer from rugged skin surface.

The schedule about when you have a stitch out is also important as much as the skill of suturing. If you remove your stitch too early, the skin will enact, and you might have a mark on the stitched area.

Thirdly, if you have an infection during the recovering period, it might leave a scar. The skin of eyelid is usually metabolic changes well, so usually there is no infection, but after your surgery if you drink alcohol, smoking or have a contact with infected product, possible you will have an infection.

if you have a scar or mark on your double eyelid line

if your eyelid skin surface got rugged

02. Method of scar treatment after double eyelid surgery

-If you got the scar for some reason, in case if you are not a Keloid, we will cut out the scar area, and delicately suture them. If you do the after-care treatment do well until it perfectly recovered, you can remove your scar almost invisibly.

-If the muscles removed which attached with the double eyelid, and if the fat grafted which is located deep area of your eyes, the scar can be removed. Otherwise, the fat can be grafted from your armpit or pubes, which the area has much fat.

Specificity of Dr. Kim’s double eyelid Revision

  • Natural shape, not awkward

Evita clinic offers 1:1, individual consultation, so that we suggest the best solution for your own eye shape. The surgery will be most effective and the result is natural.

  • Any type of eye shape can be corrected

Evita clinic considers all points- thick skin, fat, muscle, eyelash and anatomical positon, the surgery method is very elaborate. Any type of eyelid can be corrected.

  • Any type of scar can be correct.

If you got the scar for some reason, in case if you are not a Keloid, we will cut out the scar area, and delicately suture them. If you do the after-care treatment do well until it perfectly recovered, you can remove your scar almost invisibly.


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