Eyes Correction

Advantages of Evita’s eye correction

Eye takes a big role. Not only beauty, but also makes a good impression and high reliability. Without its size is big or small, if you have soft and gentle eye shape, your overall image will also be kind and good-hearted.

Normally, the person who have an eye with long width, their eye looks bitter and too sharp. Furthermore, if your corner or eye goes upward, your image possibly seems too strong and gives a feeling of cold attitude.

Evita’s eye correction adjusts the area of your iris and white part of eyes, by eye correction surgery and ptosis correction. So that your eyes will be more clear and vivid.

Based on Evita clinic’s plenty of experience and database, we will give you the most beautiful eye shape which is natural and clear.

Eyes Correction


01. What is eyes correction?

If your eye is small, or if you have sagging eyelid because of ptosis, you can make brighter, vivid eye with eyes correction.

If your original eye shape is small, even though you do the double eyelid surgery, there is almost no difference of the eye size. In this case, if you do the eyes correction and double eyelid surgery together, you can have wider eye, also double eyelid.

In the category of eyes correction, there is a method which make your eye width longer by epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty. Another method is adjusting your upper eyelid, and make your eye to be open wider.

02. We suggest eye correction in these cases.

  • If you want vivid, clear eye

  • If sagging is severe, and if your eye looks sleepy

  • If your eyes protruded.

  • When you already did a double eyelid surgery but the result was not dramatic

03. Advantages of Evita’s eye correction surgery

-There will be an incision on epicanthus, so that the width and length of your eye will be wider than before. Finally, you will have clear and wide eye.

-If your overall eye shape tends to sharp, the slant on frontal area of your eye will be adjusted. So that you will have a soft impression.

-The incision line is very subtle. it won’t leave almost no scar.



01. What is ptosis?

Ptosis means the appearance which looks sleepy, because the eyes cannot be open enough.

It means that the position of eyelid located too lower than normal, or sagged, so that the height of your eye shorten.

If your ptosis is severe, you will lift your forehead almost there seems a folding and crease, and makes your chin upward, so that it is easy to see straight.

The main reason of ptosis is disorder of your nerve which connects muscle levator palpebrae superioris, or problem of your muscle itself, problem of aponeurosis, or problem of your skin on eyelid, and so on.

02. We suggest ptosis correction in these cases.

  • If you feel uncomfortable when you open your eyes

  • If the sagging is severe, and if it brings sleepy-looking

  • If the eyelid covers your sight

  • If your overall eyes look aged

03. Advantages of Evita’s ptosis correction

-If your sagged eyelid stabs your eyelash, and also covers your sight, the ptosis correction can solve it. It also satisfied with your cosmetic and functional concern.

-You don’t have to lift your eyelid using forehead muscle anymore. It prevents about crease/folding of your forehead.

-There will be an incision on your eyelid which looks aged. It will make your appearance younger.

-It will correct the sagged skin at below of your eyes. It will remove the shadow which caused by sagged skin. It means your dark circle can be faded away than before.


Eyelid Surgery & Ptosis

Even though it’s not severe, if you have ptosis, and if you do the double eyelid surgery without considering it, you will have uneven and asymmetry double eyelid 100%. In this case, only with double eyelid surgery is not enough. Ptosis correction (the correction of levator palpebrae superioris muscle) should be done together.

If you have a surgery which tightening levator palpebrae superioris muscle, your eye will be open wider than before, so that when you open your eyes, it will look normal.

Specificity of Evita’s double eyelid surgery

  • Natural shape, not awkward

Evita clinic offers 1:1, individual consultation, so that we suggest the best solution for your own eye shape. The surgery will be most effective and the result is natural

  • Delicate eye correction

Evita clinic considers eye shape and eyebrow shape at the same time, offers delicate eye correction surgery. Your satisfaction will be high enough.

  • Make your muscle stronger, which is the main problem

By the surgery which tightening levator palpebrae superioris muscle, it will be fundamentally solve the problem of sagging. Also, the muscle will be stronger, the result will be more definite and clear, too


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