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About Lower Eyelid Surgery (Lower Blepharoplasty)

Due to aging process, under area of eyes will be aged, same as eyelid. You will have sagging, folding and crease.

The fat under your eyes seems tight when you were young, but by aging process, you will have skin sagging and also looked drooped.

Under part of your eye will be bulged chunky. And there will be a ribbing naturally, because the tissue of periorbit boundary is tightly joined.

Plus, your elasticity of skin reduces, so that the crease and skins with no need, it causes the change of under eye area.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

01.What is buried method of eyes wrinkle?

Eyes wrinkle caused by repeating movement and reduced elasticity of under eyes muscle or skin. To solve this problem, through the small hole of outside part of your eye, the under eye muscle and skin will be detached. And it will reposition in separated area. Finally, after tightening each of them enough, it will be attached at outside part of your eye, especially at the periosteum, using buried method.

If your fat of under eyes seems bulky, or if you have severe dark circle, you will do both buried method of eyes winkle plus under eyes fat removal, or under eyes fat repositioning. And then you will improve your dark circle.

Thanks to these method, not only eye wrinkle, but also bulky under eye fat and dark circle can be dramatically improved.

02. We suggest buried method of lower eyelid surgery in these cases.

  • If you have severe crease and folding lines under your eye area

  • If you have bulky, chunky eye bag at under your eye

  • If you have severe dark circle

  • If your overall appearance looks aged compare with your actual age

03. Advantages of Evita’s buried method of lower eyelid surgery

-This method solves fundamental problem of crease and sagging under your eyes

-Your original eye shape will not change. It is very natural.

-This surgery method only needs small hall of incision. You don’t need much worry about scar.

-Your under eye area (Ae-gyo-sal) will noticeable. It will improve your eye area appearance overall.

-It is safe, well-proved surgery method without severe side effect.

Specificity of Dr. Kim’s lower eyelid surgery

  • This method leaves almost no scar.

It needs only small hall of incision, and also it chooses buried method, it takes the advantage of less scar.

  • It solves fundamental problem of causing crease and folding

It solves the fundamental problem of crease, folding and sagging. You can consider this method is recovering your former skin elasticity, rather than simple skin incision.

  • Short surgery time with fast recovery

Total surgery time only takes around 20 to 30 minutes. Plus, the recovery time tend to short. But you will have less side effect. Remove your eye wrinkle without burden.

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