Nose Revision

What is nose revision?

Due to failed nose surgery, if you are not satisfied with your nose shape, or if you want to improve functional problem of your nose, you need nose revision surgery.

Normally, the nose shape is different with what you expected, you might consider nose revision. If the implant inserted twisted, and moving inside, so that it is visible through your thinned skin, you might consider about nose revision. Otherwise nose revision can be a solution if your nose looks curved, or looks like you had a nose job apparent.

You might feel anxiety about nose revision, due to your failed first surgery, but not to be impatient. If you grasp exact cause and have enough consultation, you can do safe and successful revision surgery.

  • Evita clinic will return your favor, with definite result and high satisfaction.

In rhinoplasty, if the overall face balance was not considered enough, it will cause dissatisfaction. Evita clinic’s nose revision surgery brings you best result back, both in your appearance and function.

  • If you look awkward because your nose bridge is too high

If your original nose bridge is not pretty low, but if the implant inserted too much, your nose bridge will look too high, it might cause awkward looking.

If your nose bridge is too high, your overall face balance will break. And you will look like you had a nose job apparent.

  • Evita clinic’s surgery method

In this case, first of all, inserted implant should be removed. And the hump will be removed. Finally, with lower implant then before one, the overall nose bridge height will be lower.

Also, the wide nasal bone will cut and gathered. If so, even though the nose bridge height become lower than before, your overall nose looks sharp than before.

  • If the implant is moving inside

If the implant not fixed between nasal bone and the periosteum, when you touch your nose, the implant will move around. The reason is the implant inserted into wrong area. Or if exfoliation of periosteum or skin was not enough, or too narrowed, the implant shape might change. In this situation, if you touch your nose area, you will feel the implant moving inside. In this case, the silicon should be repositioned into proper area which between nasal bone and periosteum. Otherwise if insert new implant made by gore-tex, it won’t move and fixed.

  • Evita clinic’s surgery method

In this case, inserted implant should be removed, and make the space where the implant will be re-inserted, but this space should be symmetry. And then insert new implant which fits with your nose bridge.

And, the implant will be fixed into the middle of cartilage. So that it won’t move or curve.


  • If your nose looks curved

If your nose looks curved after the surgery, normally that’s because the silicon’s floor surface which put onto your nasal bone is different with your nose shape. So that it leaning to one side, and causes curved shape.

  • Evita clinic’s surgery method

In this case, firstly implanted silicon should be removed. And then it can be repositioned with gore-tex. Otherwise, alloderm (artificial inner skin) can be covered onto the surface, so that it can be corrected. The skin strengthen treatment will coincide, for more safety and higher satisfaction.

  • If you get an infection

Some patient suffers from swelling, reddish and pain after rhinoplasty. In this case, the infection is suspected.

If you get an infection, visit the clinic and be sure to diagnosed. Take a full rest, and inject antibiotics. It will reduce your infection.

  • Evita clinic’s surgery method

In this case, taking a full rest is important, and injecting antibiotic is helpful. So that the infection will reduce. If it is severe, by having additional surgery, the implant and infection will remove, and later you will have another revision surgery.


Learn about what time is suitable for your revision surgery.

  • Normally after 6 months from your first surgery is most suggestive. Because overall tissues are become soft in this period.
  • If you did simple rhinoplasty that only nose bridge to be higher, the revision surgery is available within 3 months from the first surgery.
  • If you get infection, first of all the implant have to removed. And you need to check your infected area was totally removed. Then the revision surgery is available.

Advantages of Evita’s Nose Revision Surgery

  • With detailed examination, the surgery plan is customized for you.

Before your nose surgery, you need detailed examination and enough consultation. The reason about failure of the first surgery will analyzed exactly. And then the surgery method which is customized for you will be determined

  • Upgraded design

New nose line will consider delicately. There will be a new design. By limited excoriation, the tissues can preserved

  • More natural, More satisfaction

The wrong implant which you originally had will removed. Using double cartilage, (your ear and septum cartilage) the nose tip will be re-shaped, which looks like Barbie doll but natural. Finally, the nose bridge will be made, the height will be your preference.


Please have a reservation in advance in order to receive counseling and treatment.

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