In Evita clinic, many patient who trying to get ‘Triple gynecomastia surgery’ are usually wondering about the compression garment which they supposed to wear after the surgery.

If you see above photo, the compression garment which (unavoidably) female model is wearing, on her upper body, is the compression garment that we offer you.

In case of gynecomastia, removal of mammary gland is fundamental step, plus, in case of combined-type gynecomastia, usually the liposuction goes together.

In this case, right after the surgery there are normally swelling occurs, the surgery is important for sure, but if you have wrong after-care treatment, you might have a problem such as uneven skin, or folding skin.

To solve these sort of problem, in Evita clinic we offer this special ‘compression garment for gynecomastia’ whom had a gynecomastia surgery.


Before we offer this special compression garment, the patient who had the gynecomastia surgery had to put a bandage on chest area, and it had to be changed every single day, so that is was very inconvenient, but thanks to these special garment, there is no need for that.

This compression garment stretches dramatically, also ventilation is fine.

Also hand-wash is available, moreover, you can dry it easily by hair dryer and then just wear them again.

About the special ‘compression garment for gynecomastia’, we suggest to wear them over 24 hours until after 2 weeks from your surgery, and after that, to wear 12 hours a day, for your rapid recovery and for the best result.