The nose is at center of your face. So it takes important role to determine your overall facial balance.

When you do rhinoplasty, rather than considering about height of your nose, you need to consider overall harmony of your face.

From your birth and during your growth, the nose shape is determined.

If your nose shape is asymmetry or curved, you will suffer from functional problem.

It is not good for your health and it might affect your daily lives.

By having Luxury nose septum sculpture surgery, you can solve your functional problem and at the same time you can improve your impression.

In case of the nose, up to individual condition, there are big difference.

The outer surface of the nose and cartilage support structure is covered with skin. The inside is covered with mucous membranes.

The inside of the nose is divided into two nasal cavity by the septum. The most important part of nose tissue is that the nasal bone which is column of nose, upper lateral cartilage, and the alar cartilage which making your nose tip.

The cartilage part is divided into the lateral cartilage and the alar cartilage. The nasal cartilage is attached to the outside part. The lateral cartilage is firmly attached directly under the nasal bone and supports the nose. Normally, the nasal bone overlaps over the lateral cartilage. Koreans are commonly known to overlap about 7.6 centimeters in length.

The alar cartilage is located at the lower side of the lateral cartilage and do an important role in supporting the nose tip. It is divided into inner angle and outer angle. The connection between the two forms a dome to shaping a nose tip.

Septal Cartilage

What is septal cartilage?

The space in the nose is divided into two by a vertical wall. The central wall is called a septum.
The nasal septum is made up of thin bones of the anterior and posterior cartilage.
The upper part is connected to the nasal bone and the upper part of cartilage.
The lower part is connected to the palate bone.
The inside of the nose is divided into two nasal cavity by the nasal septum.
The most important part of the nose is the lateral cartilage which form the nose bridge, and the alar cartilage, which form the nose tip.
The septum cartilage is a rectangular plate.
It does not affect maintaining the nose shape.
Therefore, it is used as a material for increasing the nose tip during rhinoplasty.

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