Using Materials

Which nose implant is fit for me?


The nasal implants should be determined by considering the natural harmony of the nose and the balance of the entire face.

The implants used in nose surgery are basically less reactive and safer. However, it is important to use the most suitable materials to suit your skin condition and your personal characteristics.

Each implant has its advantages and disadvantages. You must have enough consultation before surgery. Considering the characteristics of various implants such as autografts, artificial implants, and allografts, you can create a natural and beautiful nose that is harmonious with your face if you combine it with the most suitable surgical methods.

Artificial implant – Silicon



The most common material used to raise your nose is silicone. It is safe and harmless to human body approved by FDA, does not change shape or absorption.

Silicone is also finely sculpted and can be sculpted to fit the shape of the nasal bone. It gives a natural appearance after surgery. Also, it is easy to remove during reoperation. If the skin is thin, it may look transparent or the nose tip may blush. However, most Koreans have a thick skin and a lot of subcutaneous tissue, so they can be safely used.

Silicone is therefore ideal for higher a nose, a cool stretchy feel, and a smooth uneven nose.

Artificial implant – Gore-tex


Gore-Tex is the most commonly used implant with silicone. They are often used in nose and contour surgery. There are fine holes in the surface of the material to compensate for the disadvantages of silicon. After the nose surgery, the skin tissue grows into the fine hole. It is better adhesion than silicon.

Because skin affinity is good, it can be applied naturally even if the nose skin is thin. Therefore, it is suitable for those who want a natural nose. Or you can use it if you have a repulsion to silicone.

Artificial implant – Sili-tex


It is a newly designed implant that complements the disadvantages of silicone and Gore-Tex, which are existing implants, and combines merits.

By adding a thin layer of Gore-Tex to the surface of silicon, you can get a natural line of Gore-Tex with a sharp line like silicon.

It is also easy to shape by sculpting the silicon side of the bottom at the same time. So it is also easy to make a beautiful nose shape.

However, it might visible along the edge of the implant. Removal is also difficult in reoperation.

Autograft – Ear cartilage

Ear cartilage is a good material to make the nose shape naturally. It is the cartilage that can be easily picked up.

Picking up the ear cartilage is done from the innermost part of the ear to prevent deformation of the ear shape. It is also the most commonly used material because scars are hardly noticeable.

It is shaped like a cartilage and has a shape similar to a nose. Because it is round and elastic, you can make a natural nose tip. If necessary, you can transplant thickly into three layers.

Autograft – Septum cartilage

Septum cartilage is a structure that divide the space inside the nostrils. It is straight and is a good material to use as a nostril support.

It can also be used for sculpting to nose tip or to extend nose length. Since it is taken from the inside of the nostril, there is no need to make a separate incision in the other part, and the range of use is wide.

Because it is self-organizing, there is little possibility of side effects such as inflammation. The foreign body reaction, touch, and absorption rate are superior to other materials. However, additional surgery is needed to gather the cartilage.

Because accurate and correct extraction of cartilage is important, we recommend that you perform it through an experienced specialist.

Artificial bone – Medfore

In 1991, Dr. John Reinisch was first introduced the Medfore and is a polymer composite intended for the reconstruction of body parts. It is also commonly known as artificial bone tissue.
There is a hole called pore in the Medfore itself. When applied to the body, the blood vessels and surrounding tissues are firmly fixed.
In nose surgery, it is an auxiliary material used with autologous cartilage tissue, gore-tex, and alloderm.
Nose surgery with Madforer is a natural advantage, and it can be done to look smooth even to the alar.

Micro Fat Injection

It is a surgery that takes fat from the left part of the body, that is, the hip, the thigh, and the fat, and transplants it to the part where fat such as the face and the nose is necessary.
Micro fat is widely used in nose surgery and has a wide range of applications such as glabella, nose tip, and nose bridge. As it is operated with autologous fat, it has little side effects and excellent stability.


Please have a reservation in advance in order to receive counseling and treatment.

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