The liver extract has had a theoretical basis for the prevention and absence of various experimental causes, including the prevention of various experiments by Labby et al in 1974.
Based on these theoretical evidence, VEMACAST has derived from mammals (pig) extract and is known to be a complex source Hexane and vitamin B. and no allergy.

Component of Nucleic acid (LEX) is origin of inosine, adenosine, hypoxanthine and FAD (flavin), an active vitamin B, serves as a helper for the nucleic acid.
Looking at the mechanism of vemacast, increases the blood flow between LEX, partial oxygen pressure to rise between, the hepatocyte necrosis.
In addition, the interferon is acting as a (inducer) guide material between the treatment an effect on viral hepatitis, and DNA and cell regeneration effect by increasing protein synthesis.

Indication of VEMACAST
usually, Vemacast is used acute & chronic liver disease.
– Liver function disorder : acute & chronic hepatitis, liver disease, postoperative liver disturbance, drug induced liver disease, alcoholic liver disease.
– Disease assoicated depletion of Vitamin B : wearing disease, acute & chronic eczema, keratitis, stomatitis, cheilitis, angulus infectiosus, etc.