Internation Hyperhidrosis Society Campaign..

We helped more people struggling with excessive sweating… educated more healthcare providers about proper hyperhidrosis care… and relentlessly told the world to give people with hyperhidrosis a break.

Now we need your help. We’re a non-profit and we can’t keep helping people with hyperhidrosis without donations from people like you.

Bottom line, the more successful we are at achieving results, the more expenses we incur without an equal increase in revenues.

Pitch in just $5 to keep us going strong. We are at the tipping point and we must have your support to close the books on 2015 and launch us into 2016.

What’s it worth to have people understand that you sweat because you can’t help it?

How much would you give to be able to hold hands or hug without worrying about sweat?

Seriously. Literally. It’s time to pitch in.