Precautions About Rhinoplasty



Precautions Before Your Surgery


  • Drugs that prevent hemostasis are not taken for two weeks before surgery. (Contraceptives, hormones, vitamin E, aspirin). If you are being treated for hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, or thyroid disease, tell your healthcare provider in advance.
  • Cigarette stimulants may cause sputum or sneeze and cause postoperative bleeding. It is best to stop for three days before your surgery. Also, if you have a cold on the day of surgery, the airway and respiratory tract may be abnormal. If this is the case, please tell the staff before surgery.
  • If you have a runny nose, a fever, a severe sputum or a cold with a cough, it is a good idea to postpone the operation. Please be careful not to catch cold as much as possible.
  • Taking enough sleep the day before surgery will help prevent swelling. It is advisable to visit the hospital before 30 minute from the scheduled operation time.
  • It is not suggestive to drive after surgery. It is recommended that you come with your guardian.



Sleep anesthesia which is safe and has less side effects

Surgery can proceed to sleep anesthesia. Pain is minimized and recovery is much faster than general anesthesia. It is not an intubation method, but an intravenous anesthetic is injected, and it becomes a safe sleep state that can breathe by yourself.

Precautions After Your Surgery

  • On the day after surgery, it is best to raise your head and lie down to take a full rest.
  • From the first day after surgery, sitting posture helps to reduce swelling rather than lying down.
  • For 2 days after the operation, you need to keep cold around the eyes and glabella area. This will help to minimize swelling and bruising.
  • After surgery, we will attach the tape to reduce swelling and prevent movement of the implant. This tape will be removed about 5 days after, at the same time when you remove your stitches.
  • The swelling can last as long as a week or so, allowing you to live your daily life.
  • It takes time for artificial substances and cartilage in the body to settle in the body. Avoid bathing in the hot bath or sauna for 4 weeks after the operation. During this period, it is safe to avoid severe exercise.