More and more exercise…

One month after surgery, external recovery has already been achieved. In this state, you need to start exercising more strongly in addition to taping and ointment for scarring of the incisions.

Free from bleeding or inflammation, which is the most worrying after surgery.

Don’t forget your decision before surgery.

The body does not lie. If fat is removed from a specific area, but the diet does not change, fat will accumulate in other areas.
It is a kind of “law of conservation of mass”.

Body contouring surgery is not strictly an obesity treatment. It does not cure intestinal obesity or dietary life.
However, Body Contouring surgery is a great motivation.
Although the actual weight does not change significantly after surgery, the metabolic rate increases, and the diet or exercise after surgery changes more efficiently.

Try to maintain confidence after surgery.

Confidence in a changed body shape after surgery, unlike pre-surgery, increases the success rate of overcoming obesity by exercise or diet.
Look in the mirror and exercise every day.
The confidence that comes from your changed shape will change you more.