Exercise more often.

Recovery for Liposuction is quite short. After a month, you should feel less sore and start to see the final results. This time, we strongly recommend doing more extreme exercises.

Don’t forget the reason why you want to have surgery.

Liposuction is a surgery that directly suctions out the fat in a specific area. Once the fat is removed and you fail to keep a healthy diet, the possibility of the fat accumulating in other areas of your body is high. This is a kind of “law of conservation of mass.”

Body contouring surgery is not an obesity treatment. It does not treat intestinal obesity.
However, the changes that you will see, feel, and experience after surgery can be a great motivation for you to maintain your shape and live a healthier lifestyle.

Though you will not see a significant change in your weight after surgery, you will see that your metabolic rate will increase. This is good, why? Because this means that the diet and exercise that you will do, will be more efficient and effective. Thus helping you lose weight.

Maintain your Confidence

The confidence that you get in the changes in your body shape after surgery, increases the success rate of you achieving your goals.

Look in the mirror every day. The confidence that comes from your new shape will change you more.