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Breast augmentation surgery increases or restores breast size using silicone gel implants, saline implants or autologous fat grafting.

If you want a better proportioned or more appealing figure or disappointed the size and shape of your breast change by pregnancy, weight loss or aging

Evita clinic use ;

Cohesive gel – silicone implants, also known as “gummy bear” or “form stable” implants, are filled with a cohesive gel, made of crosslinked molecules of silicone, which makes them a bit thicker and firmer than traditional silicone implants. This enables them to hold their shape better.

Inframammary Incision

This is the most commonly used incision site and is made below the breast fold. This incision is generally less concealed and may cause fewer breastfeeding difficulties than the periareolar incision option.

Periareolar Incision

An incision around the nipple that is typically the most concealed. It is associated with a higher likelihood of breastfeeding difficulties than the other incision options, because it involves cutting through the breast tissue. This may also increase the chance there will be a change in nipple sensation.

Transaxillary Incision

This incision is made under the arm. A lighted camera (endoscope) is used to help tunnel through the area to create a pocket behind the breast. This incision site is used primarily to place saline breast implants before they are filled.

Transumbilical Incision

The transumbilical incision is made in the belly button or umbilical channel. This incision site has not been recommended by Evita. It may cause damage to the implant shell.

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  • Breast implants are one of the most studied medical device in the US and worldwide.

  • Over 190,000 women with MENTOR® implant have been studied over the past 20 years.

  • Over 5 million woman worldwide have MENTOR® Breast Implants.

It’s not easy to unravel the ever-increasing world of breast aesthetic choices. Let Mentor, a leader in breast implant, explain your options, give you the confidence to make the right decision, and provide the details about the products and procedures available to you. Looking for a qualified physician? You will be able to choose the desired doctor at the Evita Clinic.

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Who Need Breast Augmentation?

  • Dress oneself in bad shape.
  • After milk feeding
  • Small compare to
  • Prefer voluptuous breast
  • Different size of both
  • Avoid fat transplantation

Breast Augmentation Cost

Choose Your Favorite Style

Once you have a general understanding of the breast implant procedure, you are ready to explore your breast implant options. The implant type you choose directly affects your final look.

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MENTOR Memorygel® Smooth Round

MemoryGel® Breast Implants utilize Mentor’s proprietary cohesive gel formulation that holds together uniformly, creating a breast that looks and feels natural. With the wide range of sizes available, choosing the right implant for your patient is simple.

MENTOR MemoryShape®

MENTOR® MemoryShape® Breast Implants are teardrop shaped, meaning they are thinner at the top and gently slope to a fuller projection point near the implant’s bottom to mimic the silhouette of a natural breast.


Increased projection, fullness and firmness with highly cohesive gel that provides durable shape retention, MemoryGel®Xtra Implants provide your patients with the perfect balance of shape and feel.

Your New Breast

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Breast Reduction
& Mastopexy (Breast Lifting)

You might think that breast reduction is for people in the west because Asians usually don’t possess too large of breasts. In fact, there are many customers in Korea who seek breast reduction and breast lift as their solution to uncomfortably large breasts. Furthermore, correcting saggy breasts through breast lift is quite common in Korea and it is frequently combined with breast augmentation if you want to increase the size of your breasts along with lifting. Keep in mind that bigger isn’t always better. Having beautiful breasts that fit your body size is most important and Evita clinic’s surgeons will also recommend likewise.


Breast Surgery

Dr. Jeon of EVITA especially excel in minimizing scars and making the result as natural-looking as possible.

In essence, breast augmentation is different from facial plastic surgery. While facial surgery changes the way you are, breast augmentation transforms the way you dress and behave. You can meet your surgical needs in Evita Clinic. Evita’s doctors especially excel in minimizing scars and making the result as natural-looking as possible.

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Through our Stryker 1588 AIM Endosopic Camera, It is committed to helping surgeons achieve the best possible outcome & safe for every patient undergoing breast surgery.

Round Type


Water Drop Type


Full Feeling Xtra


Mastopexy (Anchor)


Breast Reduction


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Postoperative Care

After operation, Evita provide free services – wound care, postoperative care & massages until you left, everyday.

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Refund VAT

Korean goverment requires a VAT( Value Added Tax) for all cosmetic procedure after 2014, This VAT can be refund at airport for foreigner.

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