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  • New Price for 2024

New Price for 2024


Unfortunately, the cost of surgical materials has gone up, which means that our prices will also go up.

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Use of Steri-strips After Gynecomastia Surgery


Use of Steri-strips After Gynecomastia Surgery - You can't avoid scarring 100% in surgery through an incision. Even if you perform the surgery in exactly the same way, use the same materials, and suture technique in the same way, the results will vary from person to person.

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Hyracell is an optimal ingredient for skin regeneration that creates an optimal skin environment, so you can expect quick recovery and skin regeneration


Twilight in Seoul – Discovering the City’s Hidden Nighttime Gems


We always feel grateful to the patients who visited Evita Clinic for medical tourism. Here, a Korean person organizes places where you can travel at night in Korea, create an e-Book, and share it. I hope it will be of great help for your trip in Korea.

Twilight in Seoul – Discovering the City’s Hidden Nighttime Gems2023-04-20T18:27:57+09:00

[FAQ] Childhood obesity and gynecomastia


Usually, 20 to 30% of adolescent males experience temporary enlargement of the mammary glands, but more than 90% of these symptoms disappear within a year. However, factors such as obesity, stress, and drugs are more likely to cause permanent gynecomastia in 10%, so caution is required. Pediatric obesity that occurred as a child does not get better as an adult, but if not properly managed, it can lead to adult obesity and become gynecomastia. In addition, genetic gynecomastia varies from paper to paper, but it is reported to be relatively high at about 30%. However, the gene that causes gynecomastia has not yet been identified, and it is important to note that one of the major causes of gynecomastia is obesity, and this obesity also has a high family history.

[FAQ] Childhood obesity and gynecomastia2023-03-13T15:33:55+09:00
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