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||Thigh & Hip Liposuction
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Thigh & Hip Liposuction

1. What is Thigh & Hip liposuction?

Asian woman are usually has a “The Pear”” type body shape.
Poor upper body and lower body is developed.
This procedure is for people who have an unusually high accumulation of fat around their thighs & hip area.
The part that can not be easily reduced as severe dieting and exercise.
If it is part of a carefully trimmed, the “Pear-type” body will be changed, because it may seem relatively thin & tall, is the most preferred part.

best-women-body-shapes-i172. Who needs it?

You may be a candidate if the lower part of your body is asymmetrically large compared to the upper part of your body.
With this procedure, one can look taller and be more confident wearing skirts and skinny jeans.

3. Procedure

First, Our staff will determine which parts of your thigh will be operated on: front, back (hips), inside or outside.
After the liposuction, you will be required to wear elastic shapewear to help sustain the sudden change to your body and to aid in the healing and recovery process. Small incisions (under 5mm) are made both underneath hip line, inner part of thigh (we do not incision on knee area)
We use 360° Rotating Liposuction for minimize the sunken skin and imbalance.
After the liposuction, you will be required to wear elastic shapewear to help sustain the sudden change in your body and to aid in the healing and recovery process.
This will take approximately 3 hours.



360 Degree Thigh & Hip Liposuction

  • ₩ 2,750,000 Won (KRW)
  • $ 2,500 (USD)
  • Inner & outer Thigh, Front & Rear Thigh, Medial knee, lower & lateral Hip
  • Incision : Underneath hip & Inguinal line
  • About 2hrs 30min.
  • Staying Period in Korea : Min. 7 days


Postoperative Care

After liposuction, there are some discomforts, Swelling, bruising, tenderness..

It caused by extensive damage to the superficial lymphatic system that results in the pooling and production of excess fluid in the healing process.  These factors require external treatment to aid in the reduction of fluid retention.

For fast healing process, Evita Clinic’s chief Aesthetition Cho, Lymphatic Drainage Therapist (LDT), is providing Lymphatic Drainage Treatment for clients seeking post operative care for Liposuction. Aesthetion Cho develops a specialized and individualized treatment plan for each client the includes lymphatic drainage treatments

And more, She use a variable machines, LED therapy, RF massage machine, Vacuum Endomologie..

After these care cost is include to Operation Cost.. Free!

More Detail

“OMGGG! I LOVE THIS CLINIC! 😚 Dr. Jeon, and the other staff are truly professionals! I was not paid to say this I am speaking the TRUTH! I am 52 years old retired military and have NEVER received any surgeries in my whole life! I was terrified about getting the surgery but it was something I always wanted 360 lipo.”


“”Its been 4 months since I did liposuction on my arms and thigh as well as thread lifting at Evita Clinic. It was a great experienece right from the start, in terms of communications and response I have gotten from Dr. Jeon, up till this date! Dr Jeon is a true professional doctor that is credible and honest. “


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