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Welcome To Evita Clinic.

There are various people in the world and all of them have different concerns.

Beauty will be one of them.

For those who are lacking of self-confidence or satisfaction of appearance,

Evita Clinic is a very renowned body contouring hospital in Korea with its own body contouring, gynecomastia surgery, varicose vein, facial contouring, anti-aging with one Thoacic & Cardiovascular specialists.

We prioritize patient safety by cardiovascular doctor and equipping clinic’s facilities with the latest technology.

Based on the experiences of procedures and operations gained at the university hospital, our cardiovascular surgeon will provide you high quality treatments.

As always, our clinic will keep endeavouring to satisfy each customer’s needs with our highly trained medical teams and outstanding service.

  • The #1 Private Chest Surgery Clinic in Korea
  • We Have The Most Dedicated Support Team, Trust In Us
  • Safe Procedure Oriented
  • Individual Alignment Procedures.
  • Ensure Thorough Management

Awarded by

MD. Francis Jeon

Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgeon
Thoracic & Cardiovascular SurgeonCosmetic surgeon
– 1990 ~ 1999 Soonchunhyang Medical University
– 1999 ~ 2003 Soonchunhyang Univ. Hospital Intern & Resident
– 2003 ~ 2007 National Mokpo Hospital
– 2007 ~2008 Siinchunhyang Univ. Hospital Instructor
– 2008 ~2009 Preimier Plastic Surgery Clinic
– 2009 ~ Evita Chest Surgery, Representative

Our Philosophy As Address Patients

Everyone does the same. This is not the same, can be.

Recognize the difference, and what is most worrying themselves to match the treatment and counseling, and oriented to access.

    Sometimes, Body Contouring, Gynecomastia, Over-sweating, Plastic care and treatment can not end up in one.
    We value for the first time tied relationship, with the aim of treatment that can be responsible in attitude and that together the life.
    Medical has a constantly changing development environment.
    Do not settle for the current state, better treatment and the material, it does not to neglect the effort to constantly discover the service.
    Satisfy a long period of time based on a career in vascular surgery at the University Hospital and extensive cosmetic surgical experience, the best materials and appliances, creating the best teamwork you will.

    Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of My Best Work Is Featured Below.

    Yes that’s right, we’ve concentrated only Body Contoring Operation! New equipments, operation methods,  protocol & more!

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