Our Surgeon Believes that having Confidence equals to being Beautiful

With A Beautiful Confidence!

  • The #1 Private Chest Surgery Clinic in Korea.
  • We Have The Most Dedicated Support Team, Trust In Us.
  • Safe Procedure Oriented.
  • Individual Alignment Procedures.
  • Ensure Thorough Management

MD. Francis Jeon

Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgeon
Cosmetic surgeon
– 1990 ~ 1999 Soonchunhyang Medical University
– 1999 ~ 2003 Soonchunhyang Univ. Hospital Intern & Resident
– 2003 ~ 2007 National Mokpo Hospital
– 2007 ~2008 Soonchunhyang Univ. Hospital Instructor
– 2008 ~2009 Preimier Plastic Surgery Clinic
– 2009 ~ Evita Clinic, Representative
– 2011.     American Biographical Institute “2011 Man Of The Year In Medicine & HealthCare”
– 2016 ~  Outpatient Professor at Soonchunhyang University Hospital
– 2019 ~  Auditor of the Korean Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery

  • Personalized care for better care, experience and results
    Personalized care for better care, experience and results
    At Evita Clinic, we treat every patient uniquely.
    Our care and treatment would base upon one’s concerns and target what one truly needs.
  • We value continuous relationship with our patients

    There are surgeries that can’t be done on the same time.
    For us, performing multiple procedures would entail continuous communication with our patients and trusting relationship.
    This way we could aim and reach the same goal.

  • A clinic that continues to adopt to Medical changes and improvements.
    Medical treatments continues to evolve.
    We make an effort to discover and study new services.
  • We prioritized patient’s safety
    Treatments and surgeries are done with utmost care.
    Every staff is well-trained and experienced in their field.
    All machines and premises constantly checked and sanitized.

Our Story

There are various people in the world and all of them have different concerns.
Beauty is one of them.
For those who lacks self-confidence or satisfaction in their appearance, Evita Clinic has the solution for you.

Evita Clinic is a renowned body contouring hospital in Korea with its very own specialist in Gynecomastia surgery, Varicose Vein, Facial care and Body Contouring surgeries.
Patient’s safety is always our priority. And so, we make sure that our patients are treated with the latest technology paired with personalized care.
As always, our clinic will continue to endeavour to satisfy each customer’s needs with our highly trained medical team and outstanding service.

Meet Our Staff

Our Team Members

Myrene Senora
Myrene SenoraHead of Counseling Office
Registered Nurse, Consultant
Kholshcheva Anastasia
Kholshcheva AnastasiaNurse Assistant
Nurse Assistant, Russian Interpreter
黄念恩 (Chloe)
黄念恩 (Chloe)Medical Coordinator
Chinese and Malaysian Interpreter
Lee Ha-Na
Lee Ha-NaNurse
Registered Nurse
Bayarjargal Tsolmon
Bayarjargal TsolmonAesthetion
Aesthetitian, Mongolian interpreter

The staff were very friendly and the doctor gave detailed explanation of the treatment. He also requested me to return for a follow up, despite my short stay Korea and tried to accommodate to my schedule as much as possible. The clinic also provided me with masks and creams to help with the healing process.


Our Partners

Evita Clinc supports our patients other needs. Together with our partners we are dedicated  to help connect our patients to hospitals, clinics, hotels and other services that we don’t offer:  Health Tests , Hair Transplant, Spine Surgery, Hotel Reservation,Pick-up services and City tour guide

Thanks to our partners, they are willing to offer their services at a discounted price exclusive only for Evita Clinic patients.

  • Soonchunghynag University Hospital

  • International Clinic

  • Hurinaun Spine Hospital

  • Spine &  Rehabilitation Hospital

  • Riverside Hotel

  • The cost is 88,000 KRW per night (Include Breakfast)

  • It’s 5 minutes away from Evita by car and is one station away through subway.


  • The cost is 130,000 KRW per night.

  • It is 10 minutes away by car.

  • Gangnam Family Hotel

  • The cost is 100,000 KRW per night.

  • They offer transportation services.

We always welcome new partners!

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