What should I expect after Gynecomastis Surgery?2022-01-06T16:20:14+09:00

Aside from swelling and bruising, for Grade 1 and 2,  you can expect your chest to be flat and asymmetrical.
Know that this is only temporary.

For Grade 3 and 4, a drain will be placed after the surgery.
The drain will be removed after 2-4days.

Discomforts, slight pain and restriction of movement should also be expected especially on the 1st 24 hours after surgery.

I have Grade3-4 Gynecomastia. What kind of procedure should I do?2018-08-25T08:26:05+09:00

Grade 3 and Grade 4 Gynecomastia is characterized by sagging of the male breast.
To resolve the skin sagginess, Mastopexy is performed.
At Evita Clinic we perform two types of Mastopexy according to the kind of Incision – Areolar type and Anchor type.
The Areolar Incision is ideal for Grade 3 Gynecomastia patients and the Anchor type is for Grade 4 Gynecomastia.
But the type of Incision that will be performed will depend on the patient’s age, concern about the scar and preference.

How is Gynecomastia Surgery done in Evita Clinic?2018-06-27T17:15:28+09:00
What is a gynecomastia2018-03-22T17:26:23+09:00
What should patients expect during recovery period?2018-02-21T11:34:32+09:00
What should patients do after surgery?2017-12-18T16:01:34+09:00
How is Liposuction surgery done?2017-12-13T18:27:35+09:00
What is Liposuction?2017-12-06T17:54:03+09:00
When is bruising and swelling get better?2017-06-26T15:27:19+09:00

After 2~3 days after liposuction, It will be much swollen and painful.
It is not the pain that can not withstand, it is the symptom that seems to pull(sore).
As time goes by, you will feel more pulling sensation.
This is a natural phenomenon to be healed.
Bruises begin to develop after surgery and disappear after 2 to 3 weeks.
At first it becomes darkish and violet, and later it becomes yellowish.

When is the shower or sauna available?2017-06-26T15:25:16+09:00

It is inconvenient because you can not wash after surgery.
A simple shower is available after 3 to 4 days after surgery.
Before taking a shower, you can apply waterproof bandage to wound area.
Also, after take a shower, simply disinfect and apply ointment.

In case of sauna, enough time should be needed.
If you use the sauna immediately after removing the stitchs, the suture part may be re-opened.
It is usually advisable to remove the stitches after 2 to 3 weeks.
If the incision is wide, it is best to spend about a month. You can also wipe or wash un-operated areas.

I’m keloids and is it possible to do liposuction?2017-06-26T15:21:30+09:00

Asians has very few keloids. However, it is common for blacks.
People who know that they are keloids often have a normal constitution.
In the case of fat removal, the incision is less than 1cm, so it is not a problem even if it is keloid.
In addition, we use laser to treat patients for free after surgery.

When is the wound get better?2017-06-26T15:18:18+09:00

Scars from minimal incision usually heal after 2 weeks.
The scars are reddish at first, but they become pinkish over time and fade over the course of several months.
After the surgery, you might feel impatient.
But do not worry because it will recover over time.
The wound will be determined by your personal condition.
I feel that there are a wide variety of individual differences in performing liposuction of many people.
Some people there are small scars, but some are darker and more visible.
Most of peoples also have scarring that is hardly noticeable.

When is the stitch out?2017-06-26T15:16:21+09:00

You are wondering when to remove stitches after you have undergone surgery.
In the case of liposuction, the incision range is small and may vary depending on the condition, but it will be removed within about two weeks.
In the meantime, you will come to the hospital to disinfect. It is about 1 cm and it takes about 3 weeks for skin regeneration..

Liposuction is effective? And is there any yoyo phenomenon?2017-06-26T15:13:26+09:00

Liposuction is a way to inhale a growing fat cell.
There is a definite effect because 1 ~ 2L of fat is extracted.
Also, if the diet fails and the other area gets fat again, it does not increase as much as before.
Weight does not go down a lot, but it definitely gets thinner.

Does liposuction help to resolve the sagging of stomach and hip area?2017-06-26T15:11:47+09:00

When a stomach or hip is heavy due to fat, it can be improved by reducing the weight by liposuction.
After liposuction, special compression garment will be worn for 2-3 months.
This pressure has the effect of not allowing the tissue to protrude due to the tight contraction of the tissue.

Are there any complications?2017-06-26T15:10:35+09:00

Liposuction is a rare complication.
Bruising after surgery lasts 2-3 weeks and sometimes the surface looks uneven, which will be okay after 4 weeks.

Pulmonary embolism (serious complications of small fat cells entering the blood vessels and blocking the pulmonary vasculature) occurs in about 1 in 1 million people, which usually occurs when the principles of surgery are not followed properly.

Also, the probability is less than the probability of dying from a traffic accident. This complication is usually caused by excessive surgery or greed about the dramatic surgery result.

Do not worry if you keep the principle and do not take excessive liposuction.

When can I start my daily life?2017-06-26T14:37:57+09:00

It is usually possible to live everyday after 2~3 days, but it is recommended to avoid severe exercise for 2 weeks. During the first week after surgery, you may see more swelling than before surgery. After one week, the swelling starts to fall off. However, the appearance of swelling can be finally disappered after 3~4 months.

What treatment will I receive after surgery?2017-06-26T14:34:41+09:00

Immediately after surgery, it is wrapped with a bandage and compression garments. After 1 days, we check the wound & dressing. Compression garments is worn for 2-3 months but it is possible to shower after 2-3 days.

Is it painful?2017-06-26T14:29:54+09:00

It is not. Since the local anesthetic is administered to the surgical site during surgery, the pain is not severe even after the operation. The next day, you will feel stiff. Of course, if you touch the wound, it will be slightly painful for 1-2 weeks.

What will I look like after surgery2017-06-26T14:27:54+09:00

The results after liposuction differ depending on the health condition, skin condition, age, weight and hormone status. For example, a person with less skin elasticity, suctions in only the fat of the abdomen and disappears, but the abdomen skin elasticity can not be perfectly corrected. In these cases abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is needed.

Do I need hospitalization?2017-06-26T14:18:31+09:00

If you have a lot of liposuction, you need a hospitalization, but most of cases you can go home on the day.

How is surgery?2017-06-26T14:07:02+09:00

Insert a thin tube connected to the fat inhaler through a small incision of about 1 cm around the site where the fat will be inhaled. And it is the surgery to remove only the fat under the skin by the negative pressure.

After sclerotherapy, something like a hard cord is touched.2017-06-08T12:53:44+09:00

Sclerotherapy is literally treating the blood vessels by hardening them firmly. If varicose veins are severe, they can be hardened and touched like a string (cord), which can cause the skin to feel stretched. However, in this case, it usually disappears gradually after 3 to 6 months.

After the sclerotherapy, there is brown coloring left.2017-06-08T12:50:20+09:00

This pigmentation is caused by bruising, hemorrhage, and inflammation reaction during sclerotherapy, and it usually resolves within a few months. However, during that time, be careful about UV protection and it is helpful to use our laser toning or ointment.

Can I remove the veins on my face or my back of my hands?2017-06-08T12:47:23+09:00

In the case of veins such as the face, it is not possible because of the possibility of adverse effects due to thrombosis. If there is inevitably vein malformation, surgical removal is recommended after angiography.

Can I remove the vein cosmetically?2017-06-08T12:42:19+09:00

In principle, it is not recommended to remove cosmetic purpose because all veins play important functions in their own bio metrics. In addition, you can not receive Korean National Health Insurance benefits in this case.

Can sclerotherapy covered by Korean National Health insurance?2017-06-08T12:39:46+09:00

If you have a definite diagnosis of varicose veins due to ultrasound, you can benefit from Korean National Health Insurance. However, there is a limit according to the standard of health insurance corporation such as the number of procedures.

Do I have to do an ultrasound before the procedure?2017-06-08T12:36:30+09:00

In rare cases, if there is deep vein thrombosis, not all varicose veins should be treated, including sclerotherapy. In addition, if there is a fundamental problem about great saphenous vein, recurrence is frequent even with scelerotherapy, and symptom improvement is weak. In this case, we suggest the surgery.

Is my daily life possible after the procedure?2017-06-08T12:31:48+09:00

After the procedure, we wrap your lets for the pressure with elastic bandage. Daily life is possible, but it is recommended that you do not severe exercise for about 1 week.

Pain is scary. Would it hurt?2017-06-08T12:23:38+09:00

Sclerotherapy is not an operation but an incision. It do not need anesthesia because it is similar with intravenously.

How to start the exercise after gynecomastia surgery?2017-03-22T13:19:49+09:00

See this post.

Want to have a consultation about your own schedule?2017-03-14T14:37:53+09:00

Are you staying in Korea only for short term?

In our clinic, there are many patients who comes abroad.

Also our doctor has much experience how to do the after-care treatment who don’t have much time.

If you have minimal of recovery time, we suggest the most effective after-care schedule for person to person.

Want to have a consultation about your own schedule?

Contact us now..


How do I account for the budget?2017-03-14T14:37:53+09:00

Are you drawing up a budget for your surgery?
In Evita clinic, the cost table is fixed.

Check them now in our website

(Click the menu you suffering from, you can check the price at each pages.)

Plus, we offer same price for Korean and international patient.
* If you have Korean health care insurance, some surgeries can be covered.
(It is different by case, following the rule of Korean health care insurance corporation)

Do you have any more questions?

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I don’t know Korean.2017-03-14T14:37:53+09:00

You don’t speak in Korean? No worries in Evita clinic.

Our doctor speaks English with fluency, and our English coordinator will explain in detail every situation you will meet.

If you are hesitating to make an appointment, use our on-line consultation in advance.
E-mail, Facebook messenger, Kakao talk, every route is welcomed.
To get a quick answer, just call us.
Our doctors and all staffs are ready to give you clear answer.

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When can I go back to my daily routine?2017-03-14T14:37:53+09:00

The recovery time is up to your condition, so it is differ person to person, but normally after 3-4 days after the surgery you can go back to your daily routine.

But be careful not to work hard for 1-2 weeks after the operation, as there might be a dehiscence at sutured area.

What is the difference between incision in the armpit and incision in the breast underline?2017-02-28T05:11:59+09:00

If you do the incision in the armpit, there might be a discomfort because of tight feeling on your armpit area, but in case of the incision in the breast underline there is no discomfort like that.

How can we select if the breast implant inserted under the muscle or over the musle?2017-02-28T05:12:15+09:00

If your breast tissue is thin, we suggest to insert the breast implant under the muscle.

But in this case, there might be a pain around 3 weeks after the operation.

In what case the capsular contracture comes up?2017-02-28T05:12:26+09:00

After the operation, if the blood and body fluid collection too much, the possibility of capsular contracture might be higher.

And that’s why the blood bag used.

What can I do if the capsular contracture come up?2017-02-28T05:12:35+09:00

Our experience, Only 3~5% of patient experience the capsular contracture.

It is not common, but in that case we might suggest to take medicine or do an additional operation to remove it.

When can I remove the stitch?2017-02-28T05:12:46+09:00

Normally after 2 weeks after.

How long do I have to the breast massage?2017-02-28T05:12:55+09:00

We suggest to do the breast massage after 3 weeks from the operation day.

In our clinic, We offer the massage service.

Also we will let you know how to do the self-massage.

After the operation, which type of breast implant feels good?2017-02-28T05:13:05+09:00

Comparing Textured and Smooth type, Smooth type feels more soft and it is commonly used these days.

Which one is better, Smooth type or textured type?2017-02-28T05:13:14+09:00

These days, consumption of smooth type is increasing.

Beforetime textured type commonly used because we believed that it causes less capsular contracture than smooth one, but based on the clinical test result the possibility of capsular contracture is almost same.

Can we feel the breast implant by hand touch?2017-02-28T05:13:32+09:00

It might be differ how you touch the implant, but it might feel as much the amount of implant which inserted.

If the skin which the breast implant inserted stretchs well, it is hard to feel by touching.

When the scars disappear?2017-02-28T05:13:23+09:00

It’s up to your condition, but normally after 3 months from the operation, the implants take their place.

After 2 weeks from the operation, you can use the ointment which helps reduce the scar.

In this time the scar seems reddish, but after 6 months~1 year from the operation, the reddish color of the scar will be faded and finally disappears.

How long the axillary insicion is?2017-02-28T05:13:41+09:00

It is under 5cm.

Can I have the breast operation by incision around the areola?2017-02-28T05:13:49+09:00

Yes you can.

But in this case, average rate of experiencing capsular contracture is almost 10-15%, so we do not suggest actually.

How do I feel if the capsular contracture comes up? Does everybody experience it?2017-02-28T05:13:57+09:00

Only 3-5% of the patient experience the capsular contracture, but there is a possibility of it.

The symptom of capsular contracture is normally the breast getting hard, also it comes with pain.

Is there any possibility to burst the implant that inserted? In that case, what can I do?2017-02-28T04:54:59+09:00

In case of cohesive gel, even though it bursts, it never flows or emits, so there won’t be a problem.

But you need additional operation to change the breast implant.

How often do I need to change the breast implant?2017-03-14T14:37:53+09:00

Normally it is not exactly extablished, but usually every 10 years we inform you to have an examination.

Can I have the breast examination after the breast operation?2017-02-28T05:14:22+09:00

Yes you can.

It is suggested to inform to the examinatior that you had the breast operation before.

Do I need to massage my breast after the operation? How long do I need to do the massage?2017-02-28T05:16:47+09:00

By doing the breast massage you can have more beautiful breast shape, also it helps to loosen surrounding muscles.

Can I breastfeeding?2017-02-28T05:18:57+09:00

Yes, you can.

You can breastfeeding after the breast operation.

Until when I cannot do my daily routine and exercise?2017-02-27T18:31:24+09:00

In your daily routine, you need to be careful not to have a dehiscence at sutured part.

It is allowed to do light exercise after 1 month from the operation, and in case of hardcore workout you need 2 months from the operation.

I’ve heard that it is common to use blood bag after the breast operation. What is it? Do I need to use them?2017-02-27T18:30:33+09:00

If the blood and body fluid accumulate too much after the operation, the possibility of capsular contracture might be higher.

The blood bag (Hemovac) reduces the possibility of capsular contracture.

Can I do the breast augmentation without the incision?2017-02-27T18:28:41+09:00

Breast augmentation need insicion because the implant have to be inserted.

What is the maximum size of breast implant?2017-02-27T18:27:58+09:00

Normally patients want B or C size, but up to your chest and amount of skin, available size is decided.

How many times do I need to visit the clinic after the operation?2017-02-27T18:27:07+09:00

You have to visit our clinic after 1 day, 2 days, 7 days,  10 days after the operation, as you need dressing, after-surgery treatment and monitoring.

If you need additional massage, you have to visit the clinic.

Will I need to get general anesthesia?2017-02-27T16:49:25+09:00

Depending the method of incision, it can be devided into general anesthesia and sleep anesthesia.

Most of cases go with sleep anesthesia.

Will the operation leave a scar?2017-02-27T16:14:14+09:00

Possibly on the armpit or breast underline where the implants inserted.

Is there any side effect of breast augmentation?2017-02-27T16:12:05+09:00

There is a possibility of capsular contracture and infection, also asymmetry of breast shape.

So it is important to eliminate such a possibility before the operation, by checking your condition exactly.

What type of bag will be used?2017-02-27T16:05:26+09:00

We use a Johnson & Johnson Company’s “Mentor(R)” breast implant, which the head office is located in the U.S.A.

Also we will give you the guarantee card which certify as the genuine implant used.

How much does the breast augmentation cost?2017-02-27T16:03:03+09:00

It is up to the implant type, normally it’s around 4.4-5.5 million won.

My nipples are drooped. If I do the breast operation, will the nipples go up also?2017-02-27T16:00:05+09:00

As there will be more voulme, it can be corrected little bit but not noticeable.

If I have an X-ray taken, will the breast implants appears?2017-02-27T15:39:01+09:00

It will be not definite but it appears.

Is it true that there is more possibility of breast cancer for whom had the breast operation?2017-02-28T05:19:33+09:00

There is no such result of breast operation causes breast cancer.

But on rare occasion, there is a report about the relation with rare lymphoma.


<FDA Report>

In 2011, the FDA identified a possible association between breast implants and the development of anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), a rare type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. At that time, the Agency was aware of approximately 60 cases of ALCL in women with breast implants, out of approximately 5-10 million women who had received breast implants worldwide. This included 34 unique cases that were described in the medical literature from January 1, 1997 through May 21, 2010, and additional cases identified by international regulatory agencies, scientific experts and breast implant manufacturers. Based on this data, the FDA cautioned patients and health care providers that women with breast implants might have a very low but increased risk of developing ALCL.

The FDA also posted on this website a detailed analysis of the 34 cases of ALCL in women with breast implants, provided physicians with interim recommendations on identifying and confirming ALCL, and worked with breast implant manufacturers to include information regarding ALCL in the patient and physician labeling.

Because the FDA knew of so few cases of this disease, it was impossible to determine what factors increased the risk. In a report summarizing the Agency’s findings, we emphasized the need to gather additional information to better characterize ALCL in women with breast implants.

Since our 2011 report, we have continued to gather information about ALCL in women with breast implants.

I’ve heard that it is suggested to have an examination every 1-2 years after the breast augmentation. Do I have to do that for real?2017-02-28T05:19:53+09:00

Normally, we suggest to have an examination on the operation area every 10 years.

It is recommended to do general breast cancer screening every year.

My breast is asymmetry, and it is so severe. If I do the breast operation, can my breast be symmetry? Is it possible to make my breast symmetry by having a breast operation?2017-02-28T05:20:05+09:00

Yes it is possible, by inserting different size of implant for each breast.

About breast augmentation, what is the difference between fat grafting and inserting the implants?2017-02-28T05:20:26+09:00

If you get implants, exact amount of volume will be inserted and it will last as it is.

In case of fat grafting, it is your own so there are less burden as it is not a foreign substance.

However, Fat Grafting is difficult to predict, require repetitive procedures, and worry about calcification.
Therefore, we do not recommend breast fat grafting in our hospitals.

Can I do both abdomen and thighs on the same day?2016-10-31T14:12:50+09:00
Usually, it is recommended to proceed with the surgery step by step if you want to multiple sites.
Abdominal area liposuction is takes about 2 hours and thigh area will take about 3 hours.
I am, in principle, by default, all surgery is not more than 3 hours.
More than three hours, too tired surgery who, even patients is not recommended.
Sometimes, Full Body liposuction is harmful and need a long recovery times.
Is there any technique available nowadays to treat saggy skin on the belly?2016-10-31T14:12:25+09:00


Liposuction is not meant that the removal of amount of fat.

Removing the 50%, if the adequate fat is removed,

it will be a beautiful body that could reasonably have volume & good shape.

Even if uneven removal of 100%, I Think it is a failed surgery.

Although the sagging skin need an abdominoplasty,

but, the scar is visible, and i don’t like it.

So We use a LASER that is appropriate to plan to increase the elasticity of the skin.

What is the price for revision liposuction?2016-10-31T14:11:54+09:00

About Revision liposuction,

There can be a variety of cases.

In the case of insufficient Liposuction, your cost and recovery course are same.

But, in case of overdone liposuction, irregular skin,

It need a autologous fat graft and extra cost.

I am big size overall, so could I do for overall body liposuction?2016-10-31T14:11:23+09:00

The whole body fat liposuction can be done, not recommended subtracting too much fat in a day.

If you think a liposuction as a method of weight loss,

A Liposuction with the removal of undesired and excess fat that we called Liposuction as Body Contouring.

If you have a big weight, internal fat mass should be considered embedded.

Usually, but can be removed for more than 5-10 pounds pure fats per site, if you remove too much of the side effects that increase the skin folding occurs.

Furthermore, it is recommended to proceed with the surgery step by step if you want to include in your face. Surgically removed fat does not increase again.

We recommend you to proceed to the abdomen -> leg -> forearm rather than every six months to one day surgery.

It is safe and less complication.

How many days rest after surgery, and when can I exercise?2016-10-31T14:10:55+09:00

About 2 days after surgery. relax, walk around lightly.

Non-severe physical work after two days, you can find the professional activities.

And after two days it is recommended, such as light streching, walking, shower.

After the last two weeks it is recommended that you exercise such a strong fitness.

How long do I have to wear the compression garment?2016-10-31T14:10:25+09:00

2 weeks wear compression garment is 24 hours, after only half a day.

Do I need a few days of hospitalization after surgery?2016-10-31T14:09:58+09:00

Triple method of Dr Jeon’s gynecomastia operation does not need to be hospitalized.

About 1~2 hours after surgery in the recovery room after taking a break, you can leave the hospital.

His gentle and delicate surgery does not require hospitalization.

Can I get a Insurance?2017-03-14T14:37:53+09:00

Residence within Korea, korea health insurance can sign up for one person sees the benefits.

The hospital has subscribed to insurance reimbursement of Korea Medical Association.

What is advantages of Evita clinic?2016-10-31T14:08:48+09:00

Our clinic takes lower price than others but satisfaction and safety is very much higher than others.

For the safety,

Dr.Jeon has a tremendous amount of experience in chest & vascular surgery and he is a Thoracic surgery specialist.

Dr.Jeon has operations only 2 times in a day. It means he only concentrate his attention to a surgical patient.

It’s our best advantage to patients.

Other hospitals take too many operations in a day.

This kind of busy make accident easily.

What is all the cash and cards?2016-10-31T14:08:20+09:00

The same as cash and cards.
However, a few exceptions exist in the United States bank debit card.

Is there a difference between Koreans and foreigners?2016-10-31T14:07:51+09:00

The same in all respects and treatment costs, materials, and management.
However, the benefits of National health insurance in the case of some procedures Koreans.

How do I contact the Foreign coordinator?2017-02-28T05:09:44+09:00

1. By check time line above schedeule, We will call or Email to you.

2. Direct call or SMS to Forighner Coordinator +82 10 9549 1575.

3. Activate call rescue when your phone rings out to save lost opportunities.
Call to Frontdesk +82 2 549 1575,
If you speaking English, our team transfoting to Forighner coordinator or Doctor.

4. Email to evitaclinic@gmail.com, We will reply within 2-3 days.

For your convenience, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions below discussing issues that typically come up during initial consultations with Evita Clinic.
If you have additional questions, Send a mail or use a online consult services, our staff will be happy to assist you.

You can chat directly to our English coordinator.

Please understand that we may respond during business hours in South Korea.

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