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“I am happy that I chose Evita Clinic for my surgery. The staff were friendly and helpful and I had no problems even though I am a foreigner.”

“I am happy that I chose Evita Clinic for my surgery. The staff were friendly and helpful and I had no problems even though I am a foreigner.”

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Evita Clinic is a renowned Body Contouring Hospital in Korea with its very own specialist in gynecomastia surgery, breast surgery, and body contouring surgeries.

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A variety of people make up the world, and each has their own concerns. Beauty is one of them. For those who lack self-confidence or are dissatisfied with their appearance, Evita Clinic has the solution for you.

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All staff speak fluent English. We also have Chinese, Russian, and Indonesian Coordinators who will explain the surgery and every step of the procedure in detail, ensuring a smooth experience.

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Credit Cards Accepted

VAT Refund

Costs are the same regardless of cash or credit card payments. A fully refundable 10% tax is included in the cost of any cosmetic surgery. The tax refund can be collected before you leave the country.

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Free Post-op Care

Post-Operation Care

The full cost already includes the anesthesia, surgery, and the entire post-op care, including therapy sessions.

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One day, One operation

We operate on only one patient a day, and All staff are focused on only one patient.

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Our team team is dedicated to providing our patients with safe treatment and high satisfaction.

Since 2009


Since 2009, Evita Clinic are the favorites of cosmetic surgery in the South Korea.

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