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About Osmidrosis

There are eccrine glands and apocrine glands in human body

Osmidrosis means that it is smelling decayed by the bacteria in the skin. After the hypersecretiondischarge in the apocrine glands moves to the skin. Because apocrine glands under the influence of the sex hormones are in active function, the symtoms of osmidrosis is started from adolscent.


Indications of Osmidrosis

• In case of body odor

• In case that underarm area turns yellow in the evening when wearing white robes and a yellow

• In case that underarm or earwax is wet

• In case that there is osmidrosis symptoms in your family.


Most osmidrosis less effective as a temporary site or procedure, such as Botulinum Toxin and deodorants. Therefore, The surgical procedure is choiced in most cases.

The surgical objectives for treating axillary osmidrosis are to eliminate malodor and postoperative recurrence, to reduce significant complications such as hematoma and skin flap necrosis causing scarring, to decrease the recovery time, and to reduce the surgical scars.

In order to meet the objectives, Evita Clinic recommend to use two surgical methods such as Laser melting with Accusculp(R), and liposuction with Power-Assisted machine, and Jeon’s osmi Rasp.

We called it as “Jeon’s Triple Sweat Gland Removal Operation

Incision is minimal within 1cm, prevent hematoma and to shorten recovery time.

A relatively simple pressure dressing is removed after a week which will allow the patients to resume their routine daily life.

It takes about 1hrs with sleep anesthesia.

Compression garment after operation you wear.

Botulinum Tonix

$250₩ 300,000 won
  • Effect duration : about 4~6 months

Triple Operation

$1,200₩ 1,250,000 won
  • Permenent / Assurance procedures : 1 yrs