What Makes Evita Clinic Post-Operative Care Good?

Proper post-operative care and treatment is essential for every patient’s recovery regardless of the procedure and surgery.
At Evita Clinic, we divide our Care Plan into 3 Steps. This is to ensure that our patients recover well and quickly. This is what our patients can expect when they come at the clinic for check-up.

Step 1

Post-Operative Incision Care and Dressing

No matter how minor or major the surgery the patient had, the first 24 hours after surgery is crucial.

The following day after surgery, it is a must for patients to visit the clinic.

Our surgeon would check the severity of the swelling and bruising. He would then open the bandage and inspect the incision site.
Patients would be provided with a mirror so they could see the immediate results of the surgery .
For patients who received Tummy and Thigh Liposuction, the suture at the back would be tightened.
Incision site care and dressing at Evita Clinic is always done by the surgeon himself.

Though the procedure that is done is the same, the recovery rate and results of every patient is different.
Patients are encouraged to come in the clinic daily for the first 3-7 days depending on which surgery the patient received.
The clinic’s interventions would depend on the patient’s physical symptoms, verbalized cues and rate of recovery.
If the patient is in pain, we provide IV Pain Therapy. We also provide IV Antibiotic Therapy  if the surgeon thinks the patient needs it.

If the patient has a drain, the doctor and nurses would ask and check the amount of drainage.
If the amount of drainage is usually below 30cc, the surgeon would decide to remove the drain on that day.

Step 2

Massage and Therapy

Our clinic performs Radio Frequency Massage and Infrared Red Light Therapy as part of treatment plan.


We do it to help our patients recover well and faster.

Patient comes in at the clinic and would receive either of the two treatments depending on the patient’s needs.
The therapy would take 15-20 minutes per body part.
This treatments are not only helpful, it is also quite relaxing.
It will be painful at first but later your body would look for it.

This treatments will be done at a quite and comfortable room.
Where patients could lie down, rest, heal and enjoy the treatment.

Step 3

Take-Home Medical Necessities

Patients would be provided with Betadine Swab, Sterile Gauze, Bandage and ointment  to take with them back to their hotel/home.
This is to make sure that they can care for their incision site properly on their own.
They would also be provided with Detailed Instructions on how to do it.

We give as much as the patient would need.

Now you know why our patients go out satisfied.

Our 3-Step Care Plan is a major key!

Plus our surgeon’s expert hands and the staffs gentle care.