I’ll show you the way found in Apgujeong Station D:


This post will show you the way find our clinic in the coming ^^

There is no difficulty to find textual description alone.

Lot of people would like to help you find it much easier to come Evita..

Use the following to English Subway Map..for Apgujeon Station, Line 3 = Orange Line.

Seoul Metro English Map





Metro Line 3, Apgujeong Station Exit 4.

THE BODY SHOP exit looks even right next ^^

Please come and just go straight to the exit direction ~~~~~~!

Departure GO GO




Straight and a little out of Apgujeong Station Exit 4

CGV theater also look at the other side looks ^^





Straight to look a little more visible Starbucks coffee shop is also visible on the right.

Past Starbucks, for more ~~~ ^^ I’ll Walk..




The “KB Bank” is also near..





In a little more go up, Caffe Bene also see ^^

Caffe Bene is located right next to the building of our Evita.




Salty! Almost done ^^

Burudamoon Building.

Is in the front glass, and there in front of the parking lot.

Neat and tidy appearance look good ?? : D



The building on the fifth floor, Evita Clinic has ^^

It take a  just five minutes straight with me all the time in Apgujeong Station Exit 4, so pretty easy to find visit?

Must be between us continue to love a lot, often in Apgujeong, please stop by often Map nearby.

Delicious coffee and drinks are always ready for you: D

(If you are traveling by car to the first floor parking is available.)