“Potbelly? What is that?”

Focus only on selected, partial liposuction

Fat in the abdomen is a particularly good area for liposuction.
It is especially good if the skin does not sagging and there is a lot of fat.
Especially abdominal obesity is the most important cause of adult diseases, so it is always a site to watch out for.
You have to constantly manage through continuous exercise

Operation Method

In abdominal area

Generally, in abdominal liposuction, the navel and pubic area is incised.
This area is a site where the scar can be covered, so this site is cut and remove the fat.
About 2 ~ 3,000cc of fat is extracted by incision about 0.5 ~ 1cm.
When the skin of the abdomen is sagging and there is no elasticity, lipectomy(tummy Tuck) is also performed.

Changes in body weight can be reduced from less than 1 kg to as much as 4 kg, and the abdominal circumference can be reduced to 5 to 7 cm at first.
Two or three times more fat will decrease later.

Change after Liposuction

“Change” means a “chance” to new body

After surgery, it usually takes about three to four days for daily life.
For the time being, you should wear compression garment to correct your body shape.

Creates a small incision in the pubic area where is not visible.
Through this, the small sized cannular & laser fiber is inserted to dissolve the subcutaneous fat and remove it.
This section can be used to improve the entire upper abdomen and the side of the abdomen.
Therefore, the waist circumference can be greatly reduced.
If you have to correct the back of the waist or pelvis, additional incision is necessary. This can expand the surgical site of the process.

It is also important to analyze your body shape.
This allows us to accurately determine the area that should be included in the operation.

After the surgery, the changes you feel are quite large and you can feel the decrease in waist size.
Generally, the change of the lower abdomen is much bigger than upper abdomen.

FAQ about liposuction

“I’m curious about liposuction”

Q. How is surgery?

Insert a thin tube connected to the fat inhaler through a small incision of about 1 cm around the site where the fat will be inhaled. And it is the surgery to remove only the fat under the skin by the negative pressure.

Q. What will I look like after surgery?

The results after liposuction differ depending on the health condition, skin condition, age, weight and hormone status. For example, a person with less skin elasticity, suctions in only the fat of the abdomen and disappears, but the abdomen skin elasticity can not be perfectly corrected. In these cases abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is needed.

Q. Is it painful?

It is not. Since the local anesthetic is administered to the surgical site during surgery, the pain is not severe even after the operation. The next day, you will feel stiff. Of course, if you touch the wound, it will be slightly painful for 1-2 weeks.

Q. Do I need hospitalization?

If you have a lot of liposuction, you need a hospitalization, but most of cases you can go home on the day.