Before planning your surgery, there are some common things you have to wonder about. One of the things that many patients are afraid of is anesthesia.

There are many people who worry about anesthesia.

Those who have experienced surgery that requires sleep anesthesia or general anesthesia are not more than we think.

So maybe for this reason you might worry about.

In fact, when we talk to our patients, almost 80% have not experienced sleep anesthesia or general anesthesia.

It is not surprising that anesthesia is uncommon and feels terrifying.

First, what is anesthesia and why is it necessary?

In the dictionary sense, anesthesia is, in short, ‘loss of consciousness for surgery, sensory block, exercise block, reflex block’.

Literally, by blocking our consciousness, senses, movements, and reflexes, the anesthesia is helping to make surgery easier from pain.

Here is a somewhat scary,

And also interesting record of how anesthesia is appreciated.

In 1810, it is about novelist Fanny Burney’s breast cancer resection surgery.

” I lay on the mat, and the doctor covered my face with a handkerchief made of hemp.

I closed my eyes the moment I saw the surgical instruments of metal flashing over the handkerchiefs.

While the awful metal appliance digs my chest and cuts veins, arteries, muscles and nerves The pledge to not yell was useless.

I was constantly crying as the incision was being made.

When the second instrument disappeared, I knew everything was over now.

But this ghastly secretive organization A terrible incision to remove it from the bottom it was attached to resumed the pain got worse. “

Fanny Burney, In 1810, about breast cancer resection surgery

Oh, just imagining is really horrible.

In fact, before the 19th century, there was no anesthesia, and unfortunately, more than 80% of deaths were caused by postoperative shock, infection or bleeding.

As such, anesthesia makes surgery easier. It also dramatically reduces the impact, infection and bleeding that can accompany the surgical procedure. It is a thankful process.

Moreover, it is not only the anesthetic required for the treatment of diseases, but also for the improvement of beauty, we can borrow the power of anesthesia and receive a successful operation. Then why are we so afraid of such a gratitude anesthesia?

Perhaps the first is the greatest fear of what to do if you cannot wake up forever after anesthesia.

However, if you borrow the power of modern medicine, you do not have to be so scared.

If you are undergoing surgery at Evita clinic, you will mostly do sleep anesthesia.
Usually, in sleep anesthesia used in our clinic, local anesthesia or partial anesthesia is performed together with sleep anesthesia.

So there is not a lot of medicine used. Particularly in this part, the local anesthetic method called Tumecent technique plays an important role.

One of the causes of accidents caused by anesthesia is overdose of medications that overlook the patient’s condition.

After anesthesia for surgery, not only surgery is important, but it is a principle of principle to check and observe patient’s condition from time to time through monitors.

Obviously, we do not have to worry about this because Evita clinic will give priority to safe operation by following these principles.

In addition, if you have anesthesia, you will be worried about this since you will not know the situation after that.

Our clinic strictly adheres to medical principles and protects the precious rights of patients.

And because the number of operations per day is less than a maximum of 2, our doctor, the thoracic vascular surgeon has the optimal environment to focus on one person.

At that time, only the time for one person is concentrated. As a result, the quality of the surgery is kept to the maximum, and you do not have to worry about surrogate surgery, the so-called shadow doctor.

And, if you do surgery in our clinic, our doctor may help you to get your recovery room when you wake up from anesthesia.

This is usually the nurse’s job. However, our thoracic surgeon takes care of the patient’s consciousness and vitality signs himself after surgery.

Our doctor will check you while you stay in the recovery room.

Even though the surgery is over, our doctor not leave for another patient consultation.

Our doctor has such a warm heart who cares for patients with people-to-people. 

If you feel this, you may think that you have chosen a good clinic.

[Propofol has no sin]

But, it used wrongly …

Returning to our discussion, we use propofol among many medications for sleep anesthesia.

By the way, also known as ‘celebrity milk injection’ in Korea, unlike the somewhat negative image,

Profol was released in 1977 and has been used for more than 50 countries in the world has been proven long-term stability.

It is one of the most widely used anesthetic agents in Korea with the approval of KFDA in 1992 with Midazolam.

Propofol is a psychotropic medicine, a kind of addictive drug, so it has become a negative image because of the fact that many people got news about propofol overdose, death and so on in media.

However, this is an accident that cannot occur if you observe the basic and the principle, because it is an accident that is caused not only for the purpose of surgery, but also for misuse of propofol for abnormal purpose for pleasure such as hallucination, or overdose of the principle.

For example, around 2015, there is a sad story that a propoful re-used as a medical waste in a maternal hospital in Gangnam was recycled and given to a patient, and died of a bacterial infection and a shock.

This propofol is a drug that has a high risk of bacterial infection immediately after opening.

Using this product differently is an irresponsible act with no basic drug common sense and it is the accident.

You do not have to worry if you are willing to follow these principles, prepare for it in exceptional circumstances, also preparing for experience.

“Have you been still worried about anesthesia now?” 

Anesthesia is dangerous enough to threaten life if it is used and ignored.

However, if you use it well within a safe range, it is never harmful.

As I mentioned earlier in the absence of anesthesia, postoperative mortality was greater than 80%.

Let me thank you for the advancement of modern medicine.

Also, because of the incidents that are frequently reported in the news,

I hope that the wrong stereotypes about anesthetic drugs, which have been recognized as negative, should be corrected.