During the liposuction consultation process, one of the things that many patients are asking about is the scar.

Nobody likes scars.

Patients hope to have the effect clearly after the surgery but nobody noticed about scar.

If so, let’s see why scars are occurring.

When our skin is damaged, it will naturally heal over time. Scars are signs of healing this damaged skin.

It often occurs when processes such as wounds or liposuction damage the surface of the skin as well as the deep layers of the skin.

If you damage a deep layer of skin, collagen will multiply excessively. Then the skin will not maintain proper tension.

This overgrown collagen will push up the thinned skin and leave it as a scar.

So why does liposuction leave a scar?

It’s because of the cannulas used during surgery. A cannula is a long, thin metal tube.

The tip of the cannula has a small hole and the other side is connected to a vacuum system. It serves to suck up fat.

In order to inhale fat, this cannula must approach the body. To do this, a small incision of 2-3 centimeters should be made and a cannula inserted through this. Ultimately, this incision creates scarring.

So, let’s see where this incision is made in our body.

The area where the incision is made depends on the area where you liposuction. If the incision is not located at the proper site, it causes the liposuction to performed in only one direction, and the surface may become uneven and irregular.

Therefore, it is not important to extract a lot of fat to make smooth skin.

Just right, it is more important to extract fat uniformly and evenly.

For this reason, the length of the cannula should be considered and an incision should be made at the appropriate site.

So that the cannula can be evenly contacted to the region where the liposuction is to be performed, and as a result, you can have a smooth silhouette without bumpiness.

Evita clinic also offer post-operative scar management programs.

Scar reduction laser, and injection when needed.

The most important thing is that when you make an incision from the beginning, it is made in the right place.

Invisible places, for example, where the clothes are covered or the skin folds.

If there is a scar on the skin where it can be covered by overlapping areas, wrinkles, underwear such as panties, etc., patients are more satisfied than the scars are exposed.

If so, now, let’s look at where the scars remain when liposuction is done.

The first is when you do tummy liposuction. As shown in the picture below, in tummy liposuction, you need 3 incisions on the front.

Each one in inguinal area, and one in the belly button.

The inguinal area is designed by the doctor.Jeon according to the panty line that you usually wear, so that you can be covered when you wear panties.

Also, because the belly button area is dented, it has the advantage of being less visible.

If you look at the back, one incision is needed on the buttocks.

And sometimes there are some people who have lots of fat near their bra line. With the incision on the buttocks, the cannula cannot reach here.

In order to effectively inhale fat smoothly to this bra line, additionally, one incision may be needed around this bra line as below photo.

This is the case of thigh & hip liposuction.

On the front side, one incision is required for each inguinal area as shown below. This is the same as the tummy liposuction scar I mentioned above.

Also, the back side. One incision is needed underneath the hip fold. This area is where the hips and thighs fold. So it is a place that is as invisible as possible.

Finally, the arm area liposuction.

In the case of arm liposuction, one incision is made in the front side under the armpit and one in the elbow area in the back side.

I have also mentioned that we have scar management after liposuction surgery in Evita clinic.

Now let’s look more closely at how we manage scars.

There are a lot of patient asking ‘When is the scar management possible?’

That’s because everybody care about scars. It is a hundred times understanding.

Scar management is possible once the wound has completely healed.

So, after liposuction, there is a slight difference between individuals, though normally, dressing and removal of stitches are removed for 10 days to 2 weeks after surgery. You will start scar treatment from 2 weeks to 1 month after the operation.

We use laser toning and Fraxel lasers to remove scars.

First, laser toning is a laser that destroys pigmented cells deep in the skin. As scarring occurs, the usual pigment is also deposited.

Toning lasers destroy these pigment cells. At the same time, it produces collagen that fills the skin firmly. It stimulates the fibrous cells of the skin.

The skin has various layers.

Simply put, the outer part of the skin is called the epidermis, and the deeper part is called the dermis.

This toning laser is a laser of strong wavelength reaching the dermis layer in the skin. This also destroys the pigment in the deep part of the skin.

This helps to remove pigment deposited on the scar. In addition, the scars may be slightly distorted. In this case, it induces collagen production, so it also has the effect of filling the dent.

This time I will explain about the Fraxel laser.

Previously, I told you that the skin layer, which is located deeper than the epidermis of the skin, is called dermis.

The Fraxel laser drills hundreds of microscopic holes vertically in the middle of the dermis from the epidermis. This will cut the scar tissue.

This process induces the proliferation of new normal collagen.

That is to say, it is finely peeled. By this process, normal collagen is proliferated and the existing scar tissue is filled with newly regenerated tissue. This is the mechanism by which the scar heals in the end.

This Fraxel laser is usually performed every 3 to 4 weeks and requires 3 to 4 repetitive treatments.

In this way, We, Evita clinic, always do scar management after liposuction wit responsibility without additional cost. Therefore, reduce the burden on scars a little.

Overall today, I explained why scars remain when you do liposuction. I also explained what procedure we provide to get rid of those scars.

If you consider surgery, you will be worried about the surgery itself, in addition to this, there are many things to consider, including the scars left behind after surgery.

I hope that this post will help you a little bit in relieving the complex anxieties about surgery.


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