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Evita : Korea’s #1 Body Contouring Clinic

Evita Clinic is the most trusted clinic in South Korea.

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Emergency 24/7


If you have feel any pain or discomfort, please call or message our English coordinator and we will guide you through the appropriate steps.

What Else? We Have The Best Support Around

Evita MD Jeon’s  Time Table

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thrusday Friday
10:00 – 12:50 Operation Consult Operation Consult Operation
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:00 – 15:50 Operation Operation Consult Operation Consult
16:00 – 19:50 Consult Consult Consult Consult Consult
Every Saturday, Holiday is Closed!
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Online Consult!

Frequently asked questions

Here are a list of frequently asked questions we have gathered during our consultation with patients.
If you have additional questions, send us an email  or use our online consult services, our staff will be happy to assist you.

Online Consult
Want to have a consultation about your own schedule?2017-03-14T14:37:53+09:00

Are you staying in Korea only for short term?

In our clinic, there are many patients who comes abroad.

Also our doctor has much experience how to do the after-care treatment who don’t have much time.

If you have minimal of recovery time, we suggest the most effective after-care schedule for person to person.

Want to have a consultation about your own schedule?

Contact us now..


Contact Us
How do I account for the budget?2017-03-14T14:37:53+09:00

Are you drawing up a budget for your surgery?
In Evita clinic, the cost table is fixed.

Check them now in our website

(Click the menu you suffering from, you can check the price at each pages.)

Plus, we offer same price for Korean and international patient.
* If you have Korean health care insurance, some surgeries can be covered.
(It is different by case, following the rule of Korean health care insurance corporation)

Do you have any more questions?

Contact Us!


I don’t know Korean.2017-03-14T14:37:53+09:00

You don’t speak in Korean? No worries in Evita clinic.

Our doctor speaks English with fluency, and our English coordinator will explain in detail every situation you will meet.

If you are hesitating to make an appointment, use our on-line consultation in advance.
E-mail, Facebook messenger, Kakao talk, every route is welcomed.
To get a quick answer, just call us.
Our doctors and all staffs are ready to give you clear answer.

Want to get more information? Contact us

Can I get a Insurance?2017-03-14T14:37:53+09:00

Residence within Korea, korea health insurance can sign up for one person sees the benefits.

The hospital has subscribed to insurance reimbursement of Korea Medical Association.

What is advantages of Evita clinic?2016-10-31T14:08:48+09:00

Our clinic takes lower price than others but satisfaction and safety is very much higher than others.

For the safety,

Dr.Jeon has a tremendous amount of experience in chest & vascular surgery and he is a Thoracic surgery specialist.

Dr.Jeon has operations only 2 times in a day. It means he only concentrate his attention to a surgical patient.

It’s our best advantage to patients.

Other hospitals take too many operations in a day.

This kind of busy make accident easily.

What is all the cash and cards?2016-10-31T14:08:20+09:00

The same as cash and cards.
However, a few exceptions exist in the United States bank debit card.

Is there a difference between Koreans and foreigners?2016-10-31T14:07:51+09:00

The same in all respects and treatment costs, materials, and management.
However, the benefits of National health insurance in the case of some procedures Koreans.

How do I contact the Foreign coordinator?2017-02-28T05:09:44+09:00

1. By check time line above schedeule, We will call or Email to you.

2. Direct call or SMS to Forighner Coordinator +82 10 9549 1575.

3. Activate call rescue when your phone rings out to save lost opportunities.
Call to Frontdesk +82 2 549 1575,
If you speaking English, our team transfoting to Forighner coordinator or Doctor.

4. Email to evitaclinic@gmail.com, We will reply within 2-3 days.