Thread Lifting: Recently, Korean’s Most Popular Treatments.

Don’t need general anesthesia, and simple,safe as possible under local anesthesia, many Koreans is preferred treatment.

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“Blue Rose Forte Thread” is is called “Mint lifting” in Japan.
It decomposed 100% of the body, the effect is maintained for more than 1.5 years.
It need a sleep anesthesia about 1 hour and take a recovery time within 7 days.
“Ultra V Cog Lift” is a absorbable thread and it’s effect is verified.
These threads have 2~3 times the number of hooks.
This makes them fixable and effective can get natural results.
It need a only cream anesthesia and take a 2~3 days recovery time.
This two “Thread Facial Lift” is dramatic and safe.
Classical facial Lift need incision, long recovery time and some complications.
 These Thread-lift method does not require the incision & long recovery time.
“TR Line” is absorbable without cog thread lifting with fine thread.
All Thread Lifting is used for V-Line shape, Jaw line, Cutis pendula, Volume formation, Neck Tightening & Lifting
You can get any face lift to pull and shape in your ideal direction.
Especially, Jowl & Oral wrinkles are improved by Thread lift!
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Blue Rose Forte

Blue Rose Forte

  • Safe, Absorbable PDO(polydioxanone) Thread

  • Arrow Cog (10 cog/per 1cm) – 41cm

  • Patent Technogolgy

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Simple, Short Downtown, Absorbable New Thread “PCL Mono”

  • KFDA Approved, Chong Gun Dang Pharm.

  • Easy, No incision, Simple Cream Anesthesia

  • No cog, But, Stimuli collagen Synthesis

  • Recovery Time : within 2 says

  • Polycaprolactone, 29G, 40mm

  • 40 Threads = $ 300 USD

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Strong,  Absorbable Thread “Silkroad Cone”

  • KFDA Approved, Made by Chong Kun Dang Pharm.

  • No need Incision, Only Needle puncture.

  • Lating over 8~12 months.

  • Recovery Time : within 1 weeks

  • Polydioxanone(PDO), 17G, 180mm

  • 20 Threads = $ 560 USD

Most Strong, Absorbable Thread “Blue Rose Forte”

  • KFDA Approved, Made by HUGEL pharma

  • Intensive Strength

  • One-stop Procedure

  • Long Lasting

  • Polydioxanone 18G/19G, 185mm, 180 degree Mirror Type Twin Cogs

  • $ 920 USD / 8 Threads

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