Thread Lifting: Recently, Korean’s Most Popular Treatments.

Don’t need general anesthesia, and simple,safe as possible under local anesthesia, many Koreans is preferred treatment.

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Classical facial Lift need incision, long recovery time and some complications.
Thread-lift method does not require the incision & long recovery time.
MINT Lift®is a facial soft tissue fixation approved by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for the purpose of improving facial wrinkles.
Meet MINT Lift® considering its excellent lifting effect and safety.
You can get any face lift to pull and shape in your ideal direction.
Especially, Jowl & Oral wrinkles are improved by Thread lift!

Global patent registration

  • 2013.06  US FDA Registration
  • 2014.05  Korea MFDS Approval as facial tissue fixation thread
  • 2019.08  China NMPA Registration

MINT Lift® is a global brand with patents on manufacturing methods registered in 11 countries1).

It is a global brand with unique, unrivaled technological capabilities by securing patent registrations on the manufacturing method for each country.

1) Internal Data: Republic of Korea, China, Germany, Spain, France, Brazil, United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey, Japan, United States
Immediate lifting
  • Bidirectionally cogged thread suitable for lifting
  • Immediate lifting effects can be visible due to the powerful tensile strength of MINT Lift®’s 360°, 3D helical barbs
Long lasting anchoring results
  • Fixation type composed of zigzag-aligned cogs
  • Offers diversified product line-ups in terms of the thickness and lengths of threads needed
  • Maximization and increased longevity of natural-looking lifting effects
Thread approved by MFDS for ‘facial soft tissue fixation‘
  • Minimal side effects as a harmless thread that dissolves in the human body
  • Thread approved by MFDS for ‘facial soft tissue fixation‘
Exquisite lifting
  • Lifting dedicated for localized areas
  • Possible to correct areas that are difficult to cover with conventional procedures such as the nasolabial folds or forehead wrinkles


– Quick and easy procedure as it is a product integrated with a needle
– Minimally invasive to prevent hematoma
– Powerful double-chin improvements
Ideal candidates
– Patients in their 40’s~60’s with severely sagging skin
– Patients with thick skin tissue
  • 8~10 Threads ( 1 sesseion)

  • ₩ 550,000 KRW

  • $ 410 (USD)

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