Is Liposuction Safe?

Liposuction is both effective and safe when done by an experienced surgeon. Looking for a surgeon with credentials and real reviews is a good way to check and confirm his expertise.

Any surgery comes with certain risks and Liposuction is no exemption. The main risk during any surgery comes from the anesthesia. The good news is that Liposuction can be done without General Anesthesia. At Evita Clinic, all the surgeries are done under Sleep Anesthesia which is much safer for patients. The type of anesthesia will be explained more during the face-to-face consultation. It is important that you let your surgeon know of any medications you are taking, any allergies, and any history of being under anesthesia.

The type of machine a surgeon uses is important but the surgeon’s liposuction technique and skills are what matters most. The best liposuction results are achieved by applying a combination of techniques. At Evita Clinic, Liposuction is performed through Tumescent Liposuction, Laser Liposuction, and manual Liposuction.

Ok Liposuction is Safe. But, are the Results Permanent?

When you wake up from your surgery, you will be shown either the actual bottle or a photo of your fat bottles. Those fats removed from your Liposuction cannot come back. In that sense, the results of your liposuction are permanent.

However, this doesn’t mean that you are safe from gaining fat again. The fat build-up is caused by overeating and lacking of exercise resulting in you gaining weight. So, It is important to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Everyone who has tried knows how hard it is to stay motivated when losing weight. You are prone to giving up especially when you are not seeing results in spite of all the time and effort you have exerted. Liposuction gives you that extra boost of motivation you need. After your surgery, you will be amazed by the fast drastic change you see in your body. You will start to feel great and feel more confident, for perhaps the first time in many years, and you will be motivated to keep it that way.

I am considering to get Liposuction. How do I get started?

Contact the clinic you want to have Liposuction done and schedule a consultation with the surgeon.  Prepare all the questions you want to ask to make sure you don’t forget anything. It is important that you feel safe and comfortable with the surgeon who will be doing the surgery.