Guide to Planning for Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction unlike Tummy Tuck is much easier and faster. It would only require a few clinic visits. To help you plan your surgery here is a timeline for Liposuction surgery and what you should do at every step.


Fasting 8 hours before surgery is very important. We cannot emphasize this enough. Though this is a known fact and is practiced for years, some would still attempt a bite or a sip minutes before their surgery. This is a major risk that can cause complications during the surgery.  At Evita Clinic, we make sure to ask patients for the time they last had a drink or a meal.

For patients who had their nails done, please have them removed before surgery. During the surgery,  a sensor is placed on the fingertip to monitor your vital signs and oxygen level. Nail Polish, acrylic nails, gel nails reduced the effectiveness of this monitor.

At this point, you should know everything about the surgery you will have and start preparing yourself mentally and physically. Going in on your surgery tomorrow, you will not feel and look the same way as today. You will feel great but it would come with slight pain and weeks of feeling sore in the area. The day before your surgery, it would be better if you take a good night’s sleep.


Having a shower is fine the morning of your surgery. In fact, we would recommend it. And as much as possible do not apply make-up and make sure to remove pieces of jewelry and accessories. You will be asked to take it all off before you go in for surgery.

Wear something loose and comfortable and head to your clinic as early as possible. If in case you will be late, it would be polite to call and inform the clinic.


At Evita Clinic, you will be asked to visit the next day for follow-up and incision care. You will also start wearing your compression garment. You have to continue wearing the garment 24hours for 2 weeks and 12 hours for another 2 weeks.

Soreness after the surgery is normal and should be expected. This should not stop you from moving around. As early as the next day after your surgery, you may start working out. There are no restrictions. You may continue doing your daily routines and may even go back to work.


This time, you should be able to see improvements in your shape and your incisions should be healed. Stitches will be removed.

You will receive a Body Massage during your visit. If you are staying in Korea, we would encourage you to visit the clinic every week if possible to receive the massage. If not, working out would be the most helpful not only for your recovery but to maximize the results.