A lot of people of Evita Clinic satisfied with Pharma reserch’s Rejuran.

New products of manufacturing approval on August 31 from the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety(KFDA).

This new products are biomaterial extracted from cell reproduction of salmon and composite of polynucleotide(PN), Rejuran-i

It’s role is ingredient for ages, and is an effect in skin’s wrinckle.

Rejuran-I has low viscosity and high spreadability, so it can use a thin skin like around eye.

So “Rejuran i”  used for damaged skin elasticity and healthy natural and improving skin tone.

Instead of a smaller amount in 1 cc, cheaper than traditional Rejuran (2.2cc).

The Cost of Rejuran-i is 330,000 won (KRW).