I’m Doctor of Evita Hyperhidrosis Clinic.

This part of the story a lot of people who visit because hyperhidrosis is “warmth”.

And, because sweating is infused such “warmth” a lot of people are misunderstanding.

Cause of excessive sweating of the sympathetic nervous system hyperactivity is due,
You need to understand the sympathetic understanding of this priority.

Sacking through the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves are called “autonomic nervous system”.

It serves to regulate the survival of human respect.

We said – “Flight or Fight Response”, That’s why the role of the sympathetic nervous system.

When you bump the crisis points,
The reaction to go fight away from your body is in such a crisis.
As a result, pupils are extended, the heart beats faster, blood vessel contraction, and blood pressure rises, bronchus is wider, digestive juices are reduced, and…,
And you,, sweat.
(Especially the other, in noradrenaline hormone secretion and also the extensometer are related,
Then we will omit difficult to understand this part of the public.)

The opposite action of parasympathetic nerves.

However, the activation of sympathetic system during these vessels going up and feel the “warmth”.
The people who think that the cause of sweating a lot.
Indeed, the emphasis on the part of those who a few remedies.

Strictly speaking,
Also feel warmth, sweating, also,
Not because yo did not sweating by hot flushes.

Of course, once this heat to the body, in order to lower the temperature of the body surface
Additional items in the hypothalamus in thermoregulation, but serves to regulate body temperature through perspiration
But the reason for such people, who thermoregulatory sweating is hyperhidrosis feel,
Is due to hyperactivity of the sympathetic nerve.

Perhaps, you feel that the face is wet or moist hands and feet in cold winter hyperhidrosis who is who.

Of course, if you understand clearly why I respect a lot of the heat,
That is, to avoid the stress that causes hyperactivity of the sympathetic nervous
Column, as well as to control the sweating life therapy, psychotherapy, etc., but very useful,
If you misunderstood the focus, the cause of treatment,
Is not desirable,
Can lead to a waste of mental Affordable, due to unscientific treatment, like oriental medication.

We hope this helps your question.