The most important issue of our hospital is anti-aging.
Various methods have been tried such as a laser, in order to correct the filling wrinkles, skin tone, Pores, Acne Scar, and Anti-aging..
However, New product was introduced in Korea called “Rejuran” recently.
This product is made by “polynucleotide(PN)”
This is an improved product from “PDRN”.
This product is made by Korean marine bio pharmaceuticals ‘Pharmaresearch Products’ (CEO Jung Sang Soo,

‘Pharmaresearch Products’ develops extracting, purification and distillation technique for PDRN® from returning salmon through the eastern coast of Korea and success commercialization by co-research with KIST.

‘REJURAN’ dermal filler has been launched with macromolecule of PDRN® as an active ingredient.

REJURAN naturally regenerates the damaged skin to make healthy skin and improve intradermal circumstance to promote skin elasticity.

The active ingredient of REJURAN is PDRN optimized for skin regeneration and skin circumstance improvement, and it promotes collagen synthesis for effecting on elasticity of skin.

REJUVENEX series (injection, eye drops, ointment) will be launched in the second half of 2014 followed by REJURAN launching in May.

REJUVENEX is generics of PLACENTEX, an ethical drug for wound healing with skin graft and tissue repair, through the technical cooperation with original company Mastelli in Italy.

By widely proofing tissue regeneration effect as well as convenience and safety, PLACENTEX is used not only on skin wound but also on a ligament and tendon injury.

Active ingredient of REJUVENEX PDRN® (polydeoxyribonucleotide) is DNA fragments optimized for tissue regeneration effect when it is administrated into body.

By stimulating specific receptor selectively, PDRN® gives anti-inflammatory effect and tissue regeneration effect. It may be another strong point that PDRN is  safe since it naturally exist in the body. It can reduce dose of anti-inflammatory drug such as steroids and NSAIDs, yet it is more convenient than PRP or stem cell.

With REJUVENEX series launching, regeneration treatment market will be expanded to China, Japan and other countries.

By widely proofing tissue regeneration effect as well as convenience and safety.
Many patients are satisfied in our Evita Clinic.
It is to manually inject directly to the face.
Unlike Fraxel laser,  the recovery period is a day.
We strongly recommend “Rejuran” to our patients.


1 time

₩ 660,000 won (KRW) / $ 500 (USD)