I was introduced to Evita clinic by a friend, who had gone before.

Since I had quite a few enquiries regarding liposuction, I messaged in them in English via whatsapp and their response was in English, was very prompt and each reply to my questions were very clear for me to understand.

I decided to go with doing liposuction for my legs, tummy and arms. Dr Jeon explained everything to me well and starting drawing the areas on my body which he wanted to work on. I was then moved into the surgical room and the next thing I knew, I woke up with everything all done. I like the fact that they only focus on 1 patient a day, so you really get their full attention.

From the beginning of my journey and right to the end, the nurses, Manager-nim and Dr Jeon were all so nice, helping me each step of the way.

There are also free after care services which Evita provides in aiding in the recovery of your body.

Dr Jeon is extremely generous, he saw a keloid near my chest area and helped flatten it completely.

Manager-nim is a friendly and homely person, even sending me guides on where I can tour around Korea.

Evita is such a nice and cosy place, with warm people working there. I felt an immediate connection to the place, and it did not feel like some cold hospital you may get from other places.

You can head back to your daily life almost immediately after the surgery, tightness and some soreness might be felt during the first month, but by the second and third month, I felt like I was almost back to normal. Evita also texts you to check in how you are doing.

It has been about 3 months since the surgery, I have never felt so good and it has completely brought about a huge confidence to myself.

Highly recommend Evita, price is valued for money, great Doctor, great nurses, cosy clinic, fantastic after care service, you won’t get anything better than this.

A huge thank you to Dr Jeon, Manager-nim and the wonderful nurses at Evita, I will visit you to say Hello if I drop by Korea again!