Post-Operative Instructions

Tummy Tuck at Evita Clinic is mostly done with 360 Tummy Liposuction unless the patient chooses otherwise or it is not necessary for patients to have Tummy Liposuction. We often refer to this surgery as LIPOABDOMINOPLASTY. This surgery is one of the major surgeries done in our clinic. This can ultimately change the shape of the body by getting rid of unwanted fats and removing the extra skin. But before that, there are things that a patient must do to be able to ensure a fast and safe recovery. Here is the list of the post-operative instructions after Tummy Tuck surgery:


No matter how strong a person is, our body just wants to rest after all the trauma it has encountered during the surgery. Quiet rest is recommended for patients for the first few days after the surgery. Your body needs the strength to support and help you recover. For working patients, we would recommend a week off from work. You will also need someone to take care of you, drive you and help you at home for at least the first three days.


Two surgical drains will be placed at the time of the surgery to help remove the fluids that would collect under the skin. The drains will stay in place for at least 3-4 days depending on how much fluid will be drained within 24 hours. This should be emptied at least 3-4 times a day and the patient should keep a record of the fluids drained each time. The nurses will teach and explain how they work before discharge.

In addition to the drains, patients who received Lipoabdpmioplasty should expect fluid leaking from the incision at the back for a day.  Because of this you will need to wear a diaper. The incision is from the Liposuction.


At the time of surgery, an abdominal binder will be placed on your Tummy. You won’t be able to wear your garment because you would still have to wear a diaper. The binder should be worn snugly but not too tight. At times, patients have to continue wearing the binder on top of the compression garment for additional support.

The next day, you will start wearing the compression garment. It should be worn 24 hours for 4 weeks and 12 hours for another 4 weeks. This is very helpful in reducing the swelling and speeding up the recovery process. Aside from that, it also helps in keeping the shape together. You may take it off and wash it as needed.


Our priority for the first few weeks after surgery is the healing of the incision area. It is important that the clinic checks the area and the patient to take care of it well while at home. The incision areas should be kept CLEAN AND DRY to prevent infection. It is also important to pay attention to the Belly Button area. Inspect for signs of infection daily like redness, heat, swelling, and pain.

At Evita clinic, the surgeon and nurses will teach patients how to take of the incision area during the clinic visits. Materials that will be used to care for the area will also be provided.

The patient should avoid wetting the area. No soaking in tubs and no sauna for at least 6-8weeks after surgery. Showering would depend on your recovery. The surgeon will let patients know when they can shower and what to do after the shower. Until then the patient must wait.


Here are the things that patients should do and avoid after surgery:

  • The first few weeks after surgery,  must sleep with your head slightly elevated and pillow under the knees to decrease the tension in the incision area.
  • Move around. Resting is good but the patient should not be confined in bed the whole day.  Start walking as soon as you can to helo reduce swelling and prevent blood clots,  pneumonia and constipation.
  • The patient must not drive and operate any machinery for at least a week.
  • Exercise can be resumed after 4 weeks.
  • The patient may resume sexual activities as comfort permits, this usually takes 2-3 weeks post-operatively.
  • DO NOT SMOKE or be around smokers as they may cause significant healing issues.


Pain medications are included in the prescription. At Evita Clinic, patients will be provided extra painkillers if needed. Even with the pain medications, patients should expect to feel slight pain and discomfort after the surgery. This is a normal part of recovery. Bruising, soreness, swelling, and feeling of tightness in the abdomen should also be expected. This will subside after 2-3months.

Bloating in the upper abdomen may also occur. This may cause discomfort when you eat. Due to this, we would recommend eating a little but often. Drink fluids regularly, eat soft foods, and/or make sure to chew your food properly.