Varicose vein increase in twenties woman!  What is the cause? 


Varicose vein and soaring from twenties women!
So are a lot of news and news related to varicose vein recently.

Varicose veins, according to the Korea National Health Insurance presentation the patient
In contrast to the year 2007, 120,000 people had been increased to 140,000 people in 2012,
Revealed a steady increase annually by an average of 35%.

2 times more female patients than male patients.
Varicose veins appear to have a lot of women ages 4-50,
If I say the rise of twenties women 5% annually over the past five years steadily.

What are varicose veins that occur What will increase from young women with varicose veins is not why?


First of all,

Varicose is, the internal pressure is not vein valve damage and eventually growing strong As

Refers to the phenomenon as a bulging vein reflux of blood to the heart upside down.
(* Valve always ensures a constant flow of blood towards the heart.)

What are the symptoms of varicose veins occurs is not?
No matter in one eye looks so good on the skin surface veins like ttuiil silpitjul revealed.
If the condition is worsening mungchigo bulging veins and eventually even while projecting the symptoms appear to be bumpy skin’s surface.
You may feel pain when you touch the protruding part. It also appears edema and convulsions.

Not because the disease appears to varicose veins in the lower body takes
Day because the legs feel heavy when walking or standing difficult even feel tired easily.


This is because the pressure is strong in the legs that occurs to the varicose veins cause.
Appears in the case to pressure in the legs, if the situation lasts longer ‘rule of thumb is that easy.
So varicose veins in women’s side with a long standing career appears to be doing much.
Crew members, teachers, service, department store salespeople work etc. ..
Varicose veins also occur due to the recent fashion and trendy clothing and items as well.
Such as the lower body tight skinny jeans, leggings, tight-fitting boots, kilhil just that hers.
This is because increasing the likelihood of varicose veins occur because of venous circulation disturbance tight clothing or boots.

[If varicose veins are likely to high] ▶ If you have a day job working as wearing shoes with high heels
If you have a job you have to work all day standing ▶ day
▶ If you are going to pay out a lot of weight in the lower body
▶ If you have varicose veins or a lack of exercise in the family
Such as varicose veins due to pregnancy ▶

This is to increase to twenties women do not have varicose veins due cause.




It is best to refrain from inflicting pressure on the leg in order to prevent varicose veins do not end.
Due to the nature of the job should be done standing or long heels long walk if you stand
After work though cumbersome released profound fatigue and swelling of the legs, you should make every effort.

▶ plenty to pick bottoms, wear! → movement under chooses comfortable and do not pinch tight! → Select the elastic good product! Chooses to any part of the calf skirt and if you do not pinch too tight → wear it!

▶ Select the comfortable sneakers or shoes rather than high heels! Avoid hard or too thin → soles shoes.

▶ Due to the nature of the job, or if the original constitution gives good lower body swelling of the legs rejuvenate every day. → foot bath with warm water to loosen the strain, and massage gently to wash the feet and calves. The upright foot massage cream after washing is →.

Particularly well, or he lets a bunch more Mind Body Pain? The legs raised higher than the heart →. This is easily the best way forward in the side walls and waving from side to side to loosen tired legs. The continued practice every profound fatigue and muscle → Loosen the knot of the lower body a good stretching method.