Compressed garments are special clothes that help us to put pressure on our bodies. Compression suits garments can be worn after cosmetic surgery, such as liposuction, or after a burn surgery, such as a skin graft. And, regardless of the surgery, they can be worn for cosmetic purposes. It makes your posture appear more straight and beautiful. There is also some undergarment make the bent posture to be seen straight posture.

In Evita clinic, after liposuction, tummy tuck (lipo-abdominoplasty) and gynecomastia surgery we suggest to wear the compression garment. The suggestive period is about 1 ~ 2 months. After these surgeries, swelling occurs. If you wear compression garment, swelling and pain is much less compare with when you don’t wear the compression garment.

After liposuction, tummy tuck(lipo-abdominoplasty), and gynecomastia surgery, an empty space occurs in the body. In the case of liposuction and tummy tuck, since the fat is inhaled literally, the empty space is created in the subcutaneous skin layer, and after the gynecomastia surgery, an appropriate amount of fat is removed together with the removal of the mammary gland, the empty space occurs.

In this case, when you wear a compression garment, you can press the surgical area and help the empty space to be filled out quickly. By doing so, it prevents the skin layer from becoming uneven so that it can be smooth. In addition, if there is an empty space in the body after surgery, the skin may also be slightly stretched. By helping to maintain the elasticity of the stretched skin, thereby you can see satisfactory body line.

And compression suits also help prevent hematomas. Hematoma is a state in which serosity fluid or blood is stuck in organs or tissues. As mentioned above, there may be empty space in the body after surgery. This empty space is filled with serosity water as a natural phenomenon. This body fluid component may harden over time. Of course, this kind of hardened scar tissue gradually absorbs over time. However, if this continues for a long time, it may be uncomfortable and the recovery period may become longer than usual.

The skin should be in contact with each other so that it can be quickly healed. If the hematoma occurs in the empty space, the skins of each side cannot be contacted with because of this hematoma is filled between skins. Skins should be healed well if they get contacted with, without any space or other substance. Therefore, if you press the empty space by wearing a compression garment, it will be helpful to prevent body fluid stagnation also hematoma.

Of course, there are some disadvantages of compression garment. After surgery, the skin may become irritated due to the sensitive skin. Also, if you continue to be in the wrong position, there is a risk that the compression garment may become fixed in the shape of the folded area.

However, such disadvantages can be overcome adequately as a proper moisturizer applying and life. We will guide you according to your skin type and recovery condition. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

The compression garment used in Evita clinic is Powernet material. Powernet material is stretching very well. Therefore, it is the fabric which the patient likes a lot. The Powernet fabric has the advantage of powerful compression and relatively ventilated due to its mesh structure. It is also easy to wash by your hands, and you can simply rinse the detergent for washing. It is also very simple to dry it. Squeeze the water by hand. And then it can easily dry with a normal hair dryer.

If you have undergone gynecomastia surgery, you will wear a compression garment in the shape of a vest. You will select the size after fitting the appropriate size according to your upper body size.

If you have liposuction surgery, you will need to customize your compression garment. On the day of surgery, we will check the size before your surgery. During the surgery, a customized compression garment is made according to your own body size and type. Once your own compression garment produced, it will be delivered to our clinic during your surgery. So you can wear it after your surgery.

In addition, if you do liposuction surgery, the part that needs to be compressed depends on your surgical site.

There are a number of cases, such as if you do 1 liposuction session like each abdominal, arm, or thigh, otherwise you might do multiple area such as abdomen + thighs, abdomen + arms. For this reason, we will show the recommended style according to the surgical site. You can look at the catalog as below, and choose your own.

Compression garment in Evita clinic is also available After-Sale service. After liposuction, if you manage yourself well, such as doing proper amount of exercise, and control your diet, your size will gradually decrease accordingly. Therefore, the compression garment can become too loose. In such cases, we can make the compression garment smaller with free of charge. You can choose how much to reduce in the range of 1 inch.

Today, we have learned more about compression garment.

For best results, we recommend that you wear the compression garment in accordance with the instructions. Wearing a compression garment is also part of post-operative care, so it will definitely help you to develop more beautiful body line.