What is Sclerotherapy?

“Sclerotherapy is a treatment that induces thrombosis and fibrosis by injuring the vascular lining by injecting thrombotic agents into the damaged veins.”

  • No incision, no anesthesia, no hospitalization.

  • If you have a national health care insurance of Korea, you can get a benefit from your insurance.

  • It is effective for treating small varicose veins or blue and red veins that looks like webs. (spider veins)

  • Depending on the condition of the blood vessels, 3 to 5 treatments may be necessary.

  • If you have a national health care insurance of Korea, for 1 time process it is around 100,000 KRW.

  • The process of  sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a treatment that induces thrombosis and fibrosis by injuring the vascular lining by injecting foreign substances into the blood vessels.

It is best to wear a skirt or comfortable pants before visiting.

First, through doppler ultrasound examination, we check backflow of deep venous blood vein, femoral vein, and great saphenous vein.

Before the procedure, keep standing for about 10 to 20 minutes, and Evita’s specialized vascular  surgeon will design the treatment area.

Depending on the size of the blood vessels, an appropriate concentration of the curing agent is injected.

There is also a case where the varicose veins are deep enough to be invisible to the naked eye is looked for by a vascular ultrasonic wave to find a blood vessel to be treated and a precise curing treatment is performed after confirming that the needle is located in the veins to be treated correctly. This is called “Ultrasound-induced sclerotherapy”.

After the injection, compressure is applied with bandage and tape.
(If you have compression stockings for varicose vein, you should bring it.)
The veins that are hardened by the sclero-agents slowly disappear over time.

Some patients may show brown pigmentation along their original varicose veins when treated with sclerotherapy, but they usually disappear after 6 months.

Depending on the severity, the number of treatments will be determined and you will visit our clinic 3-5 times until the end of treatment.

“Frequently Asked Questions”

If you have any other questions besides the FAQ, please feel free to contact us on our website or e-mail.

After sclerotherapy, something like a hard cord is touched.2017-06-08T12:53:44+09:00

Sclerotherapy is literally treating the blood vessels by hardening them firmly. If varicose veins are severe, they can be hardened and touched like a string (cord), which can cause the skin to feel stretched. However, in this case, it usually disappears gradually after 3 to 6 months.

After the sclerotherapy, there is brown coloring left.2017-06-08T12:50:20+09:00

This pigmentation is caused by bruising, hemorrhage, and inflammation reaction during sclerotherapy, and it usually resolves within a few months. However, during that time, be careful about UV protection and it is helpful to use our laser toning or ointment.

Can I remove the veins on my face or my back of my hands?2017-06-08T12:47:23+09:00

In the case of veins such as the face, it is not possible because of the possibility of adverse effects due to thrombosis. If there is inevitably vein malformation, surgical removal is recommended after angiography.

Can I remove the vein cosmetically?2017-06-08T12:42:19+09:00

In principle, it is not recommended to remove cosmetic purpose because all veins play important functions in their own bio metrics. In addition, you can not receive Korean National Health Insurance benefits in this case.

Can sclerotherapy covered by Korean National Health insurance?2017-06-08T12:39:46+09:00

If you have a definite diagnosis of varicose veins due to ultrasound, you can benefit from Korean National Health Insurance. However, there is a limit according to the standard of health insurance corporation such as the number of procedures.

Do I have to do an ultrasound before the procedure?2017-06-08T12:36:30+09:00

In rare cases, if there is deep vein thrombosis, not all varicose veins should be treated, including sclerotherapy. In addition, if there is a fundamental problem about great saphenous vein, recurrence is frequent even with scelerotherapy, and symptom improvement is weak. In this case, we suggest the surgery.

Is my daily life possible after the procedure?2017-06-08T12:31:48+09:00

After the procedure, we wrap your lets for the pressure with elastic bandage. Daily life is possible, but it is recommended that you do not severe exercise for about 1 week.

Pain is scary. Would it hurt?2017-06-08T12:23:38+09:00

Sclerotherapy is not an operation but an incision. It do not need anesthesia because it is similar with intravenously.

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