Wound Care After Your Surgery

After surgery, the scar remains.
But nobody likes scars.
In the case of liposuction, it is 1 centimeter each.
In the case of the gynecomastia surgery, about 1/3 of the circumference of the nipple is scarred.

And at Evita clinic, we use a variety of methods to minimize scarring.
This is one of them.
This little band looks simple but has a great effect on wound and scar treatment.


The steri-strip, this band is usually applied on the wound after the surgery.
It stretches with patients– Conformable, flexible material stretches with body movement.
It is ideal for highly contoured areas or where edema is expected.

Also it helps improve cosmetic outcomes, Non-invasive, sterile design helps improve cosmetic outcomes, compared to sutures and staples, with less tissue trauma.
It is easy on patients, soft, non-woven backing and breathability enhance patient comfort.
Because it is easy to apply, fast application, if you do not need to visit often because your wounds are not so bad, we will teach you to give this extra band to you and put it on your own.
Adhesive is hypoallergenic.

3M™ Steri-Strip™ : Adhesive Skin Closures, learn more about how to attach

Clean and dry skin at least two inches around wound.
Before attaching the band, it is better to wipe the surrounding area and let it dry completely.

Peel back package tabs to access the sterile Steri-Strip closures.
Remove card, using sterile precautions as necessary.
Bend card at end perforation and gently remove tab.

Grasp end of skin closure with forceps or gloved hand; lift straight upward (90 degree angle).
Steri-Strip closures lifted at a lesser angle or directly back on themselves may “curl,” complicating handling.
There is a gloved hand in the picture, but if you do it yourself at home, a clean hand is enough.

Wound closure generally starts at the middle of the wound.
Steri-Strip closures must be applied without tension.
Do not stretch or “strap” Steri-Strip closures.
Apply one-half of first Steri-Strip closure to wound margin and press firmly in place.

Using fingers or forceps, appose skin edges as closely as possible.
Press free half of Steri-Strip closure firmly on other side of wound.

The rest of the wound should be closed with additional Steri-Strip closures spaced approximately 1/8 inch (3mm) apart by.
If edges are not accurately apposed, remove Steri-Strip closures over affected area (peeling each side towards wound) and re-approximate wound.
The important thing is that if your wound is vertical, it should be stuck horizontally.
It is good to make 90 degrees in cross shape.

In addition, we recommend that these SteriStrip be attached as long as possible after the wound has been healed.
This is because the longer the tape is applied, the more likely it is to prevent keloids and make the scars as small as possible.

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