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The Underlying Causes Of Facial Aging

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As skin ages, the middle layer of skin (dermis) thins due to collagen loss, reducing the skin’s ability to retain elasticity (from elastin) and moisture (from hyaluronic acid).

Loss of elastin and hyaluronic acid results in skin that is:

• drier

• less supple

• less elastic

• thinner due to volume loss

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Loss of volume in the

Subdermal tissues starts early in life and progresses, manifesting in these visible signs of aging including:

• wrinkles

• folds

• Lines


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In an exploratory study

Injectable poly-L-lactic acid”

significantly grew collagen


In an exploratory single-arm, open-label study titled A Single-Arm Study for the Characterization of Human Tissue Response to Injectable Poly-L-lactic Acid, 14 healthy subjects were administered injectable PLLA;

Punch biopsies at 3, 6 and 12 months were analyzed for qualitative and quantitative changes from baseline in collagen types I and III, and assessed for inflammatory response.

Post hoc assessments at 12 months showed nominal collagen increases, (not statistically significant) but were hindered by technical difficulties.

Results of this study in humans found statistically significant stimulation of collagen type I with no mild inflammatory response following administration of injectable PLLA.