Principle of Blue Rose Lift

The cog and thread itself consistently stimulate the skin and increase generation of collagen and elasticity.
Therefore, the lifting effect will be increased over time.

By implanting Blue-Rose Lift into the sagging skin, affected by age and gravity, the skin can be lifted.

By its patent-designed 360 degree helical cogs, the lifting strength can be maintained in multi direction,
therefore the effect is strong and long lasting.

What is “Blue Rose” Lift?

Blue-Rose Lift is a biogradable thread made from a FDA approved raw material, polydioxanone.
Blue-Rose Lift enables face lifting in a desired direction and elevates the activity of dermal collagens to gain face
elasticity and a sharper face line. Also, the Blue-Rose Lift has gone in and out of popularity as a “Lunch time facelift”.
It is an attractive procedure to patients because it is relatively inexpensive and is appears to be less invasive.
The benefits of the procedure are that the incisions are small and it can be done without general anesthesia.
Patients can return to normal daily life right after procedure and gradually gain better lifting effects with time.
Furthermore, Blue-Rose Lift dissolves in the body after time and this eliminates need of surgery to remove the
inserted threads or worries of possible side effects.

Complete double layered Package

Blue-Rose Lift has a complete blister packaging with nitrogen to prevent any contamination and for
a safe clinical usage.



  • Immediate Result

  • Returning to daily life right after procedure

  • Gradual lifting over 2 years

  • Additional Surgery available at all time

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