Many People worry about liposuction procedure.
And more, they also wonder about change of body situation later.

To give courage for fear of surgery you do not know,
We tried to sum up the difference in change of your body after liposuction.

Day of Liposuction

The pain is rarely in surgery part.
However, you feel general weakness as caught in a cold body aches.
You wear a tight binder on the day of surgery,
Because of this, you feel that some of the frustration and inconvenience.
You must wear compression binder & bandage all first day, Even if you feeling discomfort pressure.

We make slightly weak wound tie at depending part of incision.
So, overnight remained tumescent solutions will be excreted naturally.
Don’t be surprised if this is slightly red.

1st day after surgery

Lowered metabolism may seem like a myalgia all over your body.
Usually you will re-visit Evita Clinic next day,
We will check the swelling of the surgical site, Tightening the suture on the depend posion area.

You wear a compression garment at 1st day after surgery.

3 days after surgery

Start swelling more than 1st day in surgery surgical site.
You even get a stiff pain slightly at the surgical site and it started bruising.
But this pain will decrease rapidly over 3-4 days.

In order to improve lympahtic circulation, lightly RF massage to start.

1 week after surgery

This time is a maximum swelling period on the surgical site.
Even a maximum swelling size, but decreased peripheral than the pre-operative state.
So you have a no trouble to wear clothes in daily life.
After one week from the day of surgery, more strong RF management start at our  Evita Clinic.
RF management will help you sink more quickly the bruising and faster recovery of surgical sites.

3 weeks after surgery

Liposuction are causing the blank space in fat area,
Granulation tissue grow in the body, there will be caused to heal the wounds of this region.
This days are peak time a lot of granulation tissues,  The granulation tissue caused hard or bumpy areas,

The symptoms can be improved more rapidly and symptom management through periodic RF & Endomologic massage which improved spontaneously over time.

If you visit the Evita Clinic,

In addition to the high-frequency management,
Endomology management starts for lymph circulation.

A little the stiff feeling, swelling is decreased and almost no pain.

4 weeks after surgery

As almost like a period no pain swelling.
Sometimes the surgical site remains unequal tingling sensation or feeling,
but do not worry about skin numbness that will be improved soon.

From this time, Compression garments to wear only half a day, and don’t have to wear every day.

An incision scar is gradually beginning to disappear.
Doing the most important thing is sun protection.
Sometimes scar ointments or sticky tape is helpful.

From 5 weeks after surgery

The swelling is almost fall you can see a little more slim line.
The remaining swelling of the surgical site being often up to 7-8 weeks.
So, You can see a little more slim line until 3 months after surgery.

Before liposuction, A people who have lower elasticity of the abdominal portion, inner thigh feel of that area eligible.

But Skin elasticity improved gradually over time until at least 3 months so you do not have to worry.

3 months after liposuction

You can feel the slim line after three months after surgery at the surgical site be organized.

Body changes after liposuction will continue to persist until about 5 months.

Maintain a healthy steady line through the diet program & stretch!

In consideration of the removed fat, reduce food intake, increase exercise.

Failure to do, on other areas that do not do liposuction fat that it can compensatory grow.