Birthday Celebration

Chuseok is one of the biggest holidays in Korea.

This is the time that families gather and spend quality time with one another.

Family members prepare special food and happily enjoy the food while sharing stories.

This is the time that families show respect and gratefulness to their ancestors for all the blessings received.

Thank you to our Evita Family for all these gifts.

We are grateful for one another.

We love, enjoy and is grateful to be working together.

Thank you especially to our patients.

We are very much grateful for all of you.

For trusting us. For choosing us. For cooperating with us.

And thank you for all these gifts. You filled our hearts and tummies!

Today, we celebrate the birthday of our dear nurse, Anna.

Happy Birthday Ana!

We wish you continued happiness and good health.

Keep up the good work!

For all the readers, Thank you!

Let’s be grateful for all the blessings – no matter how big or small it is.

And let’s not forget to say Thank you to the people around us.