Rainbow Nutrition Therapy NOW Available at Evita Clinic!

What is it?

Rainbow Nutrition Therapy is your ALL-IN-ONE Therapy. Every Individual has different health concerns. With Rainbow Nutrition Therapy, you can choose which solution best suits your mental and physical health needs. It’s like creating your own cocktail mix! Your body will be filled with all the minerals and nutrients it needs.

Who is it for?

It is good for EVERYONE! Every solution is different and has its own benefits. We especially recommend this to patients who had surgery as this could help with their wound healing and body recovery.

How is it done?

It will be given through IV Infusion. It will only take 20-30 minutes.

Which solution is good for me?

Check the photo below and know more about each solution and the amazing things it can do for you body.


Please have a reservation in advance in order to receive counseling and treatment.

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Apgujeong station (Orange line, No.3)
Come out through exit No. 4.
Walk straight for 8-10 minutes.
You will see “Body Friends Shop”
We are right next to that building.
It’s “Brudamoon building”
Evita Clinic on 5th floor.