Eye Wrinke?

Various causes of aging in life are important structural damage to loss of collagen and elastic fiber, affecting skin for skin health and lead to a reduction in capacity to regenerate.

Because of this momentum away wrinkles and skin is pale, eyes and skin thickness is thin, especially compared to other areas than wrinkles easily seen because of a reduced secretion of sebum.

A variety of treatment for eye wrinkles

  • Botulinum Toxin
    – temporary wrinkles by injecting a toxin to paralyze muscles.
    – inconvenience of facial muscles when the procedure around her eyes that expressions may be a bit awkward and unnatural.
  • Filer
    –  Artificial and temporary wrinkles by injecting the artificial components.
    – Substance, such that it would in a procedure, vessels – eye blindness or need skilled doctor’s procedure is required, the risk of skin necrosis.
  • Medical equipment (laser, ultrasonic and high frequency) procedure.
    – Strong stimulus and heat damage in skin – by regrowth vigor and muscle contractions with parties such as wrinkles.
    – If no effect if not appropriate objects, relatively expensive and repetition may gradually during the procedure is less effective.

A New Procedure for Eyes treatments – “Eye Healer”

“Eye healer” is naturally a new solution designed for eyes, eyes wrinkle and young and springy to the improving safe treatments.

Dermal skin by activating skin effectively play its fundamental ability in collagen, including ECM (extracellular matrix) to promote the production.
Thus, by improving the skin itself, of fine lines and to increase healthy skin naturally through improved.

Also, evenly all over my face (facial) is ‘Eye Healer’  is committed to the eye around, that skin is thin as a procedure that optimized Who in their practices.
Spread quickly and effectively in the skin and absorbed into viscosity, everyday life is possible as soon as possible.
Time is short and procedure, not artificially drawn, with the less pain, with the natural effect.

Healing process of the Eye Healer

Step 1. Eye Healer injections the eyes around fine lines.

Step 2. Restore the damaged skin structure and skin their own capacity to regenerate active.

Step 3. collagen, including ECM improve wrinkles and skin elasticity, under the eyes, side of eyes and promotion of growth created.

Step 4. Improvement to young and naturally toned eyes.

The Cost : 1 time ₩ 330,000 won (KRW)

Recommend over 3 times treatment,  a month interval.