Patient Question 1..

“Doctor, If I do liposuction, can I lose weight??”

What doctor says..

Of course, after liposuction surgery, the weight is reduced because of course removing the fat.
However, the original purpose of liposuction surgery is to correct unbalanced body shape.
Therefore, you can think of surgery as reducing size rather than expecting a big change in body weight.
Needless to say, this can be a good motivation for weight loss.
For this purpose, it is recommended to exercise regularly and control the diet after liposuction.
And if necessary, we can help your appetite decline by consulting, additional procedure, diet pill prescription.

Patient Question 2..

I want to remove the fat as much as possible while I am undergoing surgery.
Why is it supposed to subtract a certain amount? Can you take out 20~30 lbs at a time?

What doctor says..

In consultation, some patients think that subtracting as much fat as possible will have a good effect.

We know that.

Of course, I can take a lot of fat at once.
But remember, each part of your body has different characteristics of the fat layer.

Moreover, when you remove more fat than you need, you can break the balance of your body.
This can cause unnatural and unsatisfactory results.
So it would be better to throw away the obsession that you have to remove large amounts of fat.

I will give you the most harmonious result in your body through detailed counseling.

Patient Question 3..

 If I had liposuction, what should I do if I get the same weight as before?

What doctor says..

Once liposuction is done, the fat cells are permanently removed.

Increased weight will not increase as easily as before.
However, even if the fat cells are permanently removed, the size of the fat cells themselves can increase.
Therefore, after liposuction, it is important to take care of periodic exercise and dietary control.
This is a recommended part for your health.
If exercise and dietary controls are difficult, we will help you with diet medication and other methods as much as possible.

Our hospital is in charge of management after surgery.

If you would like to talk to me directly, please visit a Evita Clinic anytime.

Patient Question 4..

After liposuction, is it true that I get fat on the other side?

What doctor says..

It is true that when you do liposuction surgery, it is easy to get fat in other areas.

But in other words, once you inhale fat from one part of your body, the fat cells are permanently removed.
Therefore, even if weight increases, it does not increase as easily as before.

But you should never be vigilant.
You need a steady workout.

As I said, because the fat cells in the inhaled area of ​​the fat have been removed.
If you exercise, it will decrease easily than before.
What method you choose, it is impossible to lose weight without effort.

Liposuction is a helper for your diet. After surgery, take advantage of this opportunity.